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Monday, 23 August 2021 03:28

Strongman infatuation with the BEAR CRAWL!

I wrote last night about how it's usually the "bodyweight exercise experts" that have done plenty of other training (and continue to along with their bodyweight stuff) before coming to the conclusion, after years of work, observance of the body and it's internal processes -and how bodyweight exercises AFFECTS the entire body from the inside out - how old time strongmen trained - and so forth - that there is no better overall form of training than the bodyweight training I promote so much. 

And will continue to for as long as I am on this "earthly plane". 

As Charles Mitchell in particular once rightly said. 

There is no better time to promote the type of training you do - your body is your own gym!

Perhaps it was apt that a medly of dreams last night ended up with someone giving me a "bear hug" - and then running away - or "sprinting away" in the quadruped position. 

INSTANTLY upon waking up, I knew I was going to write about this to you (sans the shaking ass, hehe). 

"Marc the African Silverback Gorilla's infatuation with the bear crawl " was what first came to mind, but he loves pushups

"I do 'em close grip, 30 at a time" was what he once told me. 

Being the boxer he is, a superb one at that, I'm sure he does!

The bear crawl, perhaps not so much - so the title of this email being what it is.

Anyway, it's bodyweight guys that have usually done it all - those that are master of their crafts that is. 

Not so much the boobybuilders the other way, though a lot of them come to their senses eventually. 

Bodyweight stuff really shows the "gym sorts" that weights ain't what its all about - especially not the regimented curls, pushes etc that move through ONE Plane of motion and one alone. 

That tax "one certain muscle a certain way" but not the body as a whole which is how it was supposed to move, and be trained. 

Hell, even the so called isolationist moves I teach in the elementary section of Corrugated Core for one tax the whole body - or core!

And there is no better exercise to introduce to the weight trainees than the bear crawl to start off with (overall body exercise). 

You could argue "dips" maybe - and have their upper arms shaking like maple leaves in a Toronto gale in the UP position of the exercise (a stellar one) as opposed to "down" which most cannot do anyway. 

Not without ripping a muscle or two out ... 

Or, climbing stairs which makes people's legs literally quiver the next day - going down. 

For some, thats the only exercise they get cardio wise!

But the bear crawl is a superb movement, my friend, and it's simple enough to do - yet is advanced enough to KICK your ass - regardless of the sort of shape you're in now. 

In great shape already? 

Great, try some of the advanced bear crawls I teach you in Animal Kingdom Workouts - or the Noah's Ark workout - or any of the other superb workouts in that book. 

Starting out? 

Go for Advanced Hill Training, where I cover the basic version of the bear crawl, albeit done up hill. 

It's easy to get into - just get into the quadruped position, and you're done!

But to actually DO, thats quite another thing. 

I'm not kidding you when I say this simple movement has gone many a strongman into great and better shape- but has whipped his butt FIRST - within 20 seconds flat. 

Dont believe me? 

Try doing the bear crawl properly (elementary version) at your house for 20 seconds - if you can last that long - and then tell me how you feel. 

If you're not breathing up a storm. 

If your whole body isn't burning from head to toe - especially the back of your body (back, shoulders, hamstrings) - and of course the CORE. 

The bear crawl, my friend, is just ONE of the superb movements I cover in Animal Kingdom Workouts

There are 68 in all, and 10 great workouts to follow as well. 

I dont care if your goal is to build muscle, or burn fat, or just get in better shape overall, or strengthen your upper body, or a combo of all the above, or some. 

THIS course is the one you need - it will truly fulfil all those goals i.e. help YOU do so and more. 

Get your hands on this course right now if you haven't already - its a mammoth, yet so understated course, but will serve you well your whole life. 


Rahul Mookerjee

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