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Tuesday, 04 January 2022 06:50

350 and counting. . .

Man oh man, what a RUSH. 

"When you're face to face with yourself in your cave - darkened room, no dumbphone, no computer,no friends, no NOTHING - then you find out what you're truly made of. 

Just yourelf, and the floor - and wall, period". 

- Rahul Mookerjee, Jan 4, 2022.

And perhaps David Goggins, Mr T, Iron Mike, Stallone, and a host of other achievers down the ages - Jeff Bezos always included!

Anyway, I thought I'd pause at 370. The orignal goal was 250, one name though kept popping up. 


I'm doing this for him. 

The body is capable of so much more than what you think it is consciously - we only operate at like 30-35% most of the time - less if you're the average excuse of a male (like Bozo Schofied). 

John Walker understands this!

"IF you're like me, (if bolded for a reason, most aren't a real life hero like him!!) - when the mind will not allow the body to quit, period, no matter what". 

- Pushup Central. 

A man who lives life in the flow, gut feeling, all that ... 

If he were here, he'd be egging me on to do more, I'm sure!

Mark Taylor, the great Aussie captain of yore, old school Aussie - give RESPECT, get it back in spades - REAL MAN!!!  during his famous innings in Pakistan when he once surpassed Sir Don Bradman, was about to in fact - and stopped. 

He respected the Don too much!

Hats off, Mark!

Matty Hayden "Big Matt the Bat" went on to surpass the record. But I'll always hold taylors innings in higher esteem, done away from home, against a far stronger bowling attack (none of this takes away from Big Matt the Bat though who punished India in it's own backyard in 2001, in the dustbowls, the TOUGHEST environment ever!!) ... 

I stopped at 350, I was planning on doing so at 370, since it was at the age of 37 0 Excuses Fitness was created, I got into the best shape of life around 36. 

But 35 was when I receieved my "second chance" at life - something I have not written about a lot, but will in upcoming emails etc, and in the book I might still put out "120 - 60 kgs - CONCEIVE - BELIEVE!- ACHIEVE!". 


John Walker keeps poppng up - kept popping up in mind when I Was doing them pushups. 

I'm off for more soon. 

"When you're in that dark room, face to face with yourself is what you find out what you're really MADE OF". 

ARE you a real man? 

Only you know the answer, friend. 

Lets do it for John, all of us, who at the age of 64 is an inspiration to men years younger!


Rahul Mookerjee 

P.S - Edit, half an hour later ... 

I'm done with 410! 

41 years of age, so I had to do it!

And, this wouldn't be complete without mentioning my little girl, always there for me consciously and subconsciously, ever since the little bundle of joy was born, I still remember the tiny little bundle wriggling about in my arms, to me, that is what she will always be i.e. Daddy's little girl. 

Much like John Walker, always there for me ... 


Didnt hit the 500 ... as yet. 

Maybe another time! 

Or, maybe I'll crack off 90 more soon, hehe. 

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