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Saturday, 20 November 2021 07:51

Pioneering "Torchbearer" 🛬 Fitness!

Fitness Pioneer, and pioneer in many other regards you ask ... 

Well that I am in no uncertain terms, I ain't even bragging. 

Trust me, when people say my books are the best out there, these are real DOERS saying that - when greats like Matt Furey, my books - such as what I have on isometrics for one - are being hailed as truly the best, better than anyone else - then it;s truly a case of just stating a fact. 

And what I hope YOU GUYS will do - i.e "better the Master"! 

Especially in terms of PUSHUPS to be honest - fingertip pushups for one! Hehe. 

And, the super advanced 'arms out' pushup I teach you but, Jason, who I wrote about before - Jason, please be careful!

He literally slammed his chin into the floor doing these!

Super tough, super tough ... 

As is the upcoming course - truly level #3 (After Advanced Hill Training and Animal Kingdom Workouts) in BEAST LEVEL TRAINING!

I dont market it as such, since each book stands on its own. 

And is trolled on its own by pioneers at it, such as Glyn the Bozo, hehe. 

Bozos aside... 

Let me give you one great addition - that i've added NOW - to Lumberjack Lodestone Fitness - for free, but caution - you may end up injuring your feet or worse if you ain't careful!

Select a mudgar of a considerable size and weight that you can handle without drama. 

For most of you, believe it or not, believe me or not, but you better - it won't be more than 5kgs tops. 

Trust me, these mudgars humble the strongest of men - and women. 

Just trust me on this, other than pull-ups, there is NO other great equalizer and supreme test of real fitness and core strength (though pull-ups are better in that even the slighest extra weight maks it harder to do)... 

Ever seen the Olympic torchbearers running? 

You dont have to run with these, because no-one will be able to. 

But you HOLD the damn thing like a torch - Olympic torch. 

Thats it, super steady. 

And you workout with it - back - and forth - literally in and up down "tricep press" position. 

Nothing quite makes the triceps zing and sing as these exercise - done with PUSHUPS! 

(to open the chest up). 

(and the deep, deep breathing these invoke). 

A super advanced variant of this is to do a pushing varaint of this, which I wont mention here since it's too tough - or maybe I will in future. I dont know. 

All yo uneed is a few reps of this per day to both make gains - and progress. 

And believe me, the sweat you'll work up and the heart - THY heart you feel thumping - these workouts will give you cardio x 1000. 

And then some. 

Well my friend, thats it for now. Place your preorder now - and lets GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Remember to check out our compilations special - super savings! 💲💲💰

The courses above are not part of it as yet, since #3 isn't out - as yet. 

But, email me for a special on that if you so choose with specifics!

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