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Adopt a prisoner mentality my friend.

This, my friend, applies as much to life as it does fitness. This morning I woke up. Cracked out 25 pushups (27 actually with 2 warm ups) and 6 pull-ups to start the day. 

You might say that's nothing for me. 

It isn't. 

But I make it a point to start every day (after a good dump, hehe - note - this isn't TMI so much as a reminder to be clean INTERNALLY) with some physical activity - even if it's just stretching. 

My mind is always at work. Always grinding. 

How do prisoners stay in such great shape despite a crap diet? 

We have spoken about this before. Some argue "because that's all they do, train, they don't need to worry about bills etc". 

I call BS on that. 

Perhaps Andrew Tate didn't because of his financial stature. 

But the vast majority of prisoners locked up inside - family - mounting bills - is there food on the table - a real world business noone is there to handle etc etc. 

You can bet those folks have a hell of a lot going on in their minds. Sitting in a jail cell with "nothing to take their mind off it" - you got two choices. 

Deal with it. 

Or go insane. 

Solve the problem. 

Or don't 

Simple as that. 

Focus on what you CAN control. 

I wrote about the importance of the grind yesterday and that is really the main reason behind prisoners being in such great shape - and for men, being in an environment where it's usually top dog wins all and you either fight or submit. 

Much like our ancestors. 

Neither category had fancy gyms or idiotic trainers massaging their shoulders after each rep, telling them what to eat, how to resolve so called high cholesterol, not to eat meat and all this other crap (especially the three meals a day bullcrap) we are fed - no pun - daily. 

The latter category didn't have food brought to them either. They went days without eating - all the while walking long distances through forests, uphill - carrying heavy unwieldy loads on their back - like tigers and other animals dp. They are like kings when they could, otherwise, it was a constant grind for just survival. 

But they're in far better shape physically than the vast majority of folks. They're far tougher mentally too. 

It's simple.

Stress plus the DAILY - this is important - DAILY - need to win or perish (almost like you must breathe daily) plus focusing on what you can control - and you can always drop down and do a set of pushups my friend. 

People complain and whine about being stressed out. You need to realise stress can be your friend. Our ancestors had to make it theirs and did. They did not have any other option. Simple. And the results, well - enough said? 

I am certainly not starving - or lacking for cash. 

Yet, i deliberately, right down to my Spartan living conditions put myself in situation i myself describe as - and "complain" about - as a prison. Maybe an open air one, but prison nonetheless. 

Some of my living conditions would shock you. I don't even have a functional shower. It's like a bloody pipe out of which a trickle of water comes out - maybe more if I'm lucky. Read Shantaram and his time in an Indian Jail, how they fought over the water tons of men had to use, the maggots crawling around at the bottom of the tank etc. You'll understand. No maggots in my case, but with the ex being as nasty as she is, plenty of roaches around (though not in my room). 

I could cure a lot of this. 

I just haven't because like my cold water showers I truly don't "like" in the cold of winter, it keeps me sharp. On my toes at all times. Ready to fight. T levels so jacked up it's insane. Is it any wonder I attract females without even thinking about it? Not bragging , just telling you...

No, I'm not telling you not to buy nice things, get rid of creature comforts, become a monk etc. I'd be a hypocrite if I did so. 

But you gotta , especially as a man - keep your EDGE.

You have to realise it can all be taken away from you at some point. 

What you gonna do at that point without the edge and INDEFATIGABLE drive that got you there in the first fucking place? 

Keep that edge. 

Keep fucking sharpening it like a fine knife...

That you can only do if you're not what the world calls "civilized". From Rocky 3 to Jannat 2 to scores of other movies where this shows up- this true, my friend. Tis very true. 

I know people around me get sick of hearing it. 

But you gotta be brutal in all regards as a man. Simple. Caveman like. Even what I wrote about "grab her like the BEAST you are, worship her like the Goddess she is" on you tube. Women love that from a man . They want it! 



Unpopular words I know ... 

But it's how I, the bodyweight exercise Guru and a hell of a lot more-keep improving. Staying in great shape with all my women and vices (ok, sometimes I get out of jail- hehe). Crank out all the work I do regularly. Always get my workout in. And so forth. 

As a man, you function best as a hunter. A beast. That naturally jacks your testosterone levels up and when you add the mental and physical in- my. 

You have to keep, as David Goggins says - putting yourself, looking for - stress filled situations even if you don't need to. 

Be a prisoner always looking to break free of the shackles. 

Once you do? 

Find them shackles again. Heavier ones. 

And break free again. 

That's what it's all about.

More such decidedly non guru motivational advice that really works - straight from the trenches in my books Zero to Hero and Gumption Galore. 

Links -

Fitness wise, the 0 Excuses Fitness System (  and Pushup Central ( are must grabs in the above regard. Pushups in jail. Nothing makes you tougher my friend. Nothing. 





Rahul Mookerjee 


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