Thursday, 02 February 2012 07:55

Is he even exercising?

Headed out for some sprints this morning, and was in the middle of my routine (a 10 minute one today) - when a couple walking in the park passed behind me.They were out for their daily walk, and had been observing me for a while - though doing so in a polite manner - and as they passed behind me, I heard the lady whisper to her companion "Is he even exercising"?

Now, this was an interesting comment, given I'd completed my 3rd sprint (at 100%). You'd think the couple hadn't been watching me all that closely, but actually, they had - and I still understand why they were saying what they did.

My sprints are SHORT and INTENSE bursts - and believe it or not, the workout actually "looks" like I'm resting most of the time. The couple going for their daily stroll likely missed a sprint, and caught the rest part - and that's fine - and perfectly understandable.In fact, that's precisely what I was doing when that comment was made.

But though it looks like I'm resting most of the time,I'm getting FAR more accomplished during my 10 minute routine than those "pounding the pavement" for hours on end. And thats how it's supposed to be - when you do things correctly.

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Anyway, I finished up with some other bodyweight stuff, and feel GREAT now. Thats the best part about exercising - the FEELING you get after a tough workout done correctly. "An honest day's work accomplished", as they say!

Oh, and just so that there are no misunderstandings, I'm not knocking walking as a form of exercise - walking's great for overall health, and I walk at least a kilometer daily myself. And so should you!

And that's all for today. If you train today - make it an awesome one!

Best regards,


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