Friday, 03 February 2012 06:16

Do something different

This morning I was planning on doing a tough routine of mine that I do once or twice a week. It involves rope jumping, pushups and some other things - and take my word for it, the routine is TOUGH. It will have you panting in no time, and hits the entire body from head to toe.

But today, for whatever reason, I never got around to doing that routine. Started on it, but things just didn't feel "right". Perhaps it's because I did a tough routine yesterday, and my body needs the rest (though I'm not feeling extra tired), or perhaps it's just that I needed more of a break with regard to the cardio today. Not sure what the reason was, but there it is.

And you will have days such as this as well. Question is, how do you deal with them? Do you throw in the towel thinking you'll live to fight another day, or do you use your imagination, and do something different - and still get a great workout in?

My solution to this is to CHANGE things up a bit when you feel this way. If you are really exhausted, and need a day of rest, then by all means take one - but more often than not, you simply need to do something different. It can be something more challenging, or perhaps easier than what you've been doing. Or it could be more of a strength workout than purely cardiovascular, and thats fine as well.

Back to what I did - I ended up doing nothing other than a 100 pushups and a few stretches. And they took me approximately 35 minutes to complete. That's right - 35 minutes. LONG by my standards, given I was mostly doing pushups, and just a mere 100 at that.And why did it take that long? Well, one, because I tested myself on several different types of pushups that I haven't done in ages - as well as some stretches that I've not been doing as of late. And two, because some of the movements I did were SUPER TOUGH - so tough I could barely complete 5 repetitions without collapsing.

The bottom line though is this: - I did something different, and still made sure I got my workout in. Tomorrow, I'll revert back to my usual routine in all probability - but this combination today made for a great change, and super workout as well. And if your looking for more combinations of exercises (both easy and tough) then check out the sample exercises section in Fast and Furious  Fitness.

So, do something different once in a while - your body will thank you for it.

And that's that for today. Over and out!

Best regards,


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