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Together we CAN. Together we WILL!

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Both are equally important ....

But anyway, yours truly has been anything but a “together” sort of guy for most of his life (unless you count the women, hehe, and there have been, well, more than a few...)

But for the most part, yours truly is a LONE WOLF (as his Uncle very rightly pointed out at the age of 19 at a Motel 6 (with Micky D’s opposite to it)).

And this was said on a pay phone no less, hehe. Back when people still used

em. I’m sure they still do. Hehe.


And a loner (so people say).

So say the Bozos too. He touted my “being a loner” in one of the sh-eviews he posted (hilarious to be honest) as if it were some sort of a dishonor.

Truth be told, he sounds exactly like someone I know. No prizes for guessing WHO.

And truth be told, most successful men and women are loners (to a degree).

Yet, are we – or anyone – ever really ALONE?

In our minds, we have thousands of thoughts going on constantly for one.

And consciously or not, we’re being affected by others whether we LET ourselves or not.

Key is to let only the POSITIVE in my friend.

As Napoleon Hill rightly said, the mind needs to be CLOSED to any and ALL influences that might be negative.

Just as one bad apple DOES spoil the cart, same thing for negative influences in your own mind.

We ARE the sum of people we hang out the most.

Workout wise, the Undertaker for one often came to mind during those long hot and lonely slogs up the hill.

Getting in good shape was the last thing on my mind then.

I’d just focus on getting her done somehow, and believe me, it wasn’t no easy task whatsoever in that blazing heat and humidity.

IT also gave me a quiet confidence of “if I can do this day in and day out, I can DO ANYTHING I set my mind to”.

I always had that, but these workouts increased it manifold.

Anyway, it could be Trump telling “me” “Together we CAN, and together we WILL!”

Or, a huge rally.

Or, maybe collective consciousness.

But fact is this Jack. Bro.

That birds of a feather generally flock together, whether in person or not.

The losers, tom tommers, and Bozos and do nothings (and serial refunder’s and those that moan about product being expensive or what not (note – this is different from gettig in touch with me and TALKING to me about it – I’ll listen if you do that!)) usually hang together ...

And the doers hang together, and influence each other too.

For the better.

They uplift each other. Motivate each other to keep going when the chips are, or may seem to be DOWN.

And thats what the main purpose of the 0 Excuses SHIP is, brah.

A COMMUNITY of like minded peopel egging each other on to improve, and move on to greater and better.

As Donald Trump has been doing in his own inimitable way for so long.

We all have our own ways of doing thing, of course.

But truly, my friend.

If you’re ready to hang with the BEST – both life wise and fitness wise -join the SHIP today.

Be prepared to go onward – and UPWARDS – at the rocket speed of LIGHT!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Elections? Stolen ones? Trump’s still the Prez, my friend. Nothing is over until it is ... if you get my drift, and I think you DO.

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