Monday, 01 February 2021 12:31

Gorilla Grip, Gorilla GIRL, the gift of the GAB, and Bozo Glyn, and being grateful for all the above including the last, hehe

Bozo Glyn.

I promised myself I wouldn’t write about him or mention him today.

But as I get done (just got done) with a massive protein filled “lunch” (too late!) I gotta say this.

(six eggs, hehe, or maybe 7, all boiled).

Speaking of which, Humpty Glyn.

He looks exactly like TWO eggs on top of each other, one small, and the other round.

And hence the comment which is so spot on from a customer that truly GETS IT, John from the UK,

“Glyn Schofield, you’re a clown. Clearly you’re never trained in your pathetic little life!”

That he is my friend.

That he is!

A circus joker if any…

And he’s interested in gorillas too.


He sent me those weird emails about cucks and gorillas … ugh.

The Bozo is indeed interested in the very part of the gorilla that you and I would never even think about.


Anyway, on that note, Animal Kingdom Workouts. Gotta pimp it.

I did.

So whats the story, you ask.

Well, my daughter has the GRIP and the “girl” part down, hehe. Not to mention the gift of the gab!

And sans the girl (as far as I can tell), Ive got all the above down pat.

I truly AM grateful for everything, my friend

Including Bozo Schofield. Hehe.

But the G’s aside, and G strings perhaps, hehe, you’d be surprised at another one of my businesses that makes me more money than this one, and which is ostensibly the polar opposite of the one HERE.

Always shades of GREY!

Another G.

What do we call that?

When you have two letters repeateing?

Alliteration, I believe. We love it. So Do I.

Hence Corrugated Core, and all the Gorilla Grip books …

Or, Pushup Central.

Should be NPC though. Not politically correct!

On that note, Bozo once told me to "get a grip". I wonder what he's thinking now, lol. 

Anyway, I met a lady back in the day before going to the PRC in 2004. I was gonna say girl, but I said lady. She’d want me to, hehe.


She was a customer at the company I worked from. Had traveled from the US no less.

Looked me straight in the eye, and shook my head – and damn!

It wasnt the “soft” handshake you expect from women.

It was a solid handshake, so much so that my fingers were done crushed, hehe.

“Man, she’s got a strong grip” I told a co-worker later.

But curiously enough, when I gripped her hand in a not so strong grip (I made sure to do it gently), and remember these were pre Gorilla Grip days, what did she say?

You got a strong grip, boy!

Not “boy” … but you get my drift!

And that was sage indeed.




There I go again, hehe.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee aka …. M. Hehe.

PS – Pick up the Gorilla Grip compilation here, yes, in case you didn’t notice, you ladies can do it TOO! Better than men almost in many cases!

PS #2 – Lots of G’s – INDEED!