Saturday, 10 April 2021 17:15

The one question ALL the employers I got along with NEVER asked me (back when I did full time jobs)

It wasn't about salary for sure! 

Ole Freddie made the comment about how I dont work for cheap. 

He was right. 

And he made the comment about "you sure don't care!" 

At the time I had just gotten "laid off" (so they claimed) from my first expat job In China - - and I did NOT want to leave china, but unfortunately had no clue on how to do my own thing, and of course, Michael aside no-one would tell me, and of course it's something that only being in the trenches can really teach ya, and ... well. 

So I looked for another job. 

What I devoted the most time to - a community website - finally ended up resulting in me meeting Freddie on that very site and getting the job!

But it wasn't without nerves. 

My visa was about to give out. 

I didn't know how to get another (I had money, but no invitations etc). 

Freddie was a cool, casual sort too. 

And though I probably should have badgered him a lot about the position, three days or so before all hell would have "normally" broken loose, I was sitting around in a sauna with a certain Aa Ling. 

"It'll happen", I remember thinking as she ... ah, I dont think I should get into THOSE details here, but I remember thinking "all will be well". 

Two days later, Freddie called me, and the ball was set .. in motion!

Anyway, the questin isn't about past work experiences either. 

It isn't about my work ethic, or anything. 

No the one question - and I believe I've written about this before, and I gotta, I dont know why, write about it NOW again - put more emphasis on it as it were they di nOT ask me (and all the idiot Bozo employers DID ask me)? 

"Where do you see yourself five years from now". 

"Why are you applying for this job?" 

And other inane B.S but the first is what I want to address. 

I've always wanted to shout out loud "dude, what do YOU care". 

YOU should be focused on what I can for YOU and YOUR COMPANY! 

And I always felt these idiots were a bad fit, and they didnt really want to hire me, and such. 

Aside from this though, let me tell you somethign. 

Most people can't tell you where they want to be five hours from today, let alone make up their minds about five years. 

The minority that does claim "they know where they will be in 5 years" likely won't make it, because their five year goal is usually something so huge that they never take any action on it at all. 

It sounds good, but ... does it happen? 

Usually not. 

The sign of a DOER my friend is one that keeps his goals to himself - gives some BS "swat away" reply if asked about them - understands the sheer negativity that permeates from telling the world FIRST and doing later (the opposite of what Napoleon Hill recommended in Think and Grow Rich and all his books, and with good reason - Claude Bristol said "go and tell no man!") and most importantly, visualizes himself down the line, but takes ACTION daily! 

Believe me, I didnt start out writing the amount I do now in 2010. 

It was one email a day, perhaps two. 

A book occasionally. 

Now I damn near write tomes daily. 

Small steps, my friend are what lead to massive action eventually. 

It ain't about jumping out of your comfort zone INITIALLY - you EXPAND daily. 

The journey of a thousand miles begins with that one single step, and the employers with sense knew this. 

They also knew that it makes great sense to hire the PERSON, not just skill set. 

They knew this was a guy who'd be a self starter and DO without being trained or told - and my boss at that job said as much many a time! 

And so it should be, my friend, for fitness too. 

If you're currently at beached whale status, setting a goal to do 500 pushups per workout may scare you. 

Fair enough. 

Why not set a goal to do 10 pushups - celebrate that accomplishment - then ONE pull-up  - do the above for ten days - then rinse and repeat and do the SAME thing again, except slightly higher rep counts? 

If you just sit and think though that "it's too far off" - you're setting yourself up for failure. 

Sure, huge goals motivate SOME people that accomplish them too. 

Yours truly happens to be one of them, but I've got reason behind my motivation in most cases!

Not everyone is a Ford, or Edison (not saying I am either, but my point stands) or Bezos, so driven to achieve that ... well, you know what I mean. One email a day turns into 10, so many that even my customers feel overwhelemed, hehe. 

Key is to take SMALL steps - and incrementally increase those steps. 

Do this, and you'll be surprised at how quickly success starts gravitating to YOU!


Rahul Mookerjee

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