Sunday, 07 February 2021 17:39

The most retarded analogy I've ever seen!

LinkedIn, my friend, much like social media in general which I don't get on at all - never ever fails to disappoint. 

Here is a gem of a comment I just got - 

"We need to reopen schools"

People think schools are closed because they are online instead of onsite.

Do we think Amazon is closed because they're online and not in physical stores?

Anyone that makes such a comment expecting to hear "positive feedback" needs their brain checked. 

If they GOT one to start with, that is. 

And while the picture itself didnt necessarily tell me a lot about the person (I can normally tell a lot about the person by looking at their eyes) - I looked at the profile. 

True to form. 

A blooming "ESL" genuis (not) except this time he's in Indonesia, not the PRC. 

I have lived in Jakarta, Indonesia since 2008 and have been working in ESL/EFL education in a variety of capacities during that time.


My response HERE - 

This is the most retarded analogy I've ever seen. In person teaching works SO Much better than online, it ain't even funny! Especially when you're talking younger kids ... It's not like all you gotta do is pick sizes and colors for clothing or what not ...

And really, if someone has an issue with that, they've never ever actually taught anything let alone kids or school. 

CERTAIN subjects - perhaps you can get by to a degree with online teaching beyond a certain age. 

But by and large, try getting kids to pay attention in the first place even IN PERSON - especially in this day and age of dumbphones (which I just read the PRC has BANNED outright in schools). 

So they say, at least. 

Whether or not they also ban the annoying little watches on their hands that feature no less than WeShat the kids keep messaging on is another story. 

Personally back when I was a highly paid dancing monkey (very sparingly!) I had a rule in my class. 

Either the phones stay, or I do. 

A lot of pissing, moaning, whining and groaning later (yes, yours truly Lothario taught mostly females for whatever reason - NOT by choice, but I kinda enjoyed that part of it to an extent) ... 

They'd put their phones outside. 

As opposed to with a few other Bozos who were told to leave or the phones would stay. 

Quality, my friend, stands out - as do principles. 

NOTHING is more annoying than teaching a class anything, and then having them "look it up on the phone". 

I mean, learn from the blasted phone then eh. Why pay me. 


Same thing with the jokers who buy my books and then claim "it's done this way online". 

OK, then learn online. 

They then rant about "how dare I". 

I had a question recently about why I teach handstand pushups the way I do, and I told the person because thats the best way, thats how it is, etec etc (same thing I say in these here emails). 

"But so and so does it this way". 

OK no problem I told him. Learn from "so and so". 

But I want to lean from you, he continued. 

But I want you to teach me this way, he ranted. 

And so forth. 

A roundabout NOT worth getting on my friend! 

And - anyway - - getting back to it - -  online just don't work in terms of teaching ... with kids that is. 

Books, of course is a whole another story. 

And fitness routines with pictures and vivid descriptions etc ... 

But even there nothing beats in person "advice" and coaching, hence the page on that. 

But for the most part, yeah. 

One of the most retarded ever comments I saw up there. I'm not sure what the poster will reply with, but I'll keep you posted!

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Rahul Mookerjee

PS - But no they're not for the cheapskates or those with low attention spans or those that dont want to do the thing. If thats you they won't work for you. Might as well save your dough. But if you're a DOER, by all means - get 'em!