Tuesday, 09 February 2021 15:26

Why you, me, everyone needs to SAC up and give their business (and life and FITNESS) the importance it deserves - NOT just platitudes

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That came out as "platititudes". LOL. 

Never been much of a "ti***" many myself. Always one for the legs, hehe. 

But anyway, frivolity and women aside. Point begets. 

Last year, when the entire world shut down was oddly enough when 0 Excuses FItness really started to take off in ways more than ONE. 

And thats funny, because just as when I started rahulmookerjee.com wayyyy back in 2010 without any HUGE amount of products to sell etc (except Fast and furious Fitness, Gorilla Grip, Pull-ups from DUD to STUD within a matter of WEEKS! - and Shoulders like Boulders!  - - and even those great courses didnt have everything that the current versions DO), the customers came. 

The list grew. 

To an unwiedly 15000 plus, which I had to trim and maintain ...

And the sales came. 

Incredibly, for whatever reason, I didnt focus fully on it back then. 

Then 2017, 2018. 0 Excuses Fitness. Pyscho Cybernetics. And so forth. 

And I really started to pick up steam, especially during the second year. 

Think about it - I expanded so rapidly within the space of a year that I wondered what I did with all the years I was doing F&F! 

Even more inexplicably, I slowed down in 2019. 

Which may not seem like I did, of course. I still batted out daily emails, did my products sold etc, but SOMETHING was missing. Even I could tell!


And the results are showing, and it ain't about "what I'm doing so much " as the how and the thought processes behind it. 

But I gotta say one thing. 

Even the most succesful of us STOP doing what we were meant to do - and what GOT us to where we WERE in the first place. 

Remember Napoleon Hill and the repeated "disappointments" in Outwitting the Devil ?

You have been a stubbon student! Learn this once and learn this now - that you will find happiness only by helping OTHERS FIND IT!

Sage, my friend. 

And when he finally did accept the fact - voila! The floodgates opened in more ways than one. 

But anyway, point of me telling you this is simple. 

That you gotta put your biz FIRST. 

Ahead of ANYTHING Else. 

Ahead of what the Bozos say and the jobbers want you to do. 

Ahead of what family thinks of it. 

Ahead of what ... and just saying this ain't enough. 

You have to DO first. 

You gotta SHOW the Universe you're serious. 

Part of that entails reinvestment - multiple times and always - into your biz first. 

This might grate with families etc, especially when times are lean (and I've been there!). 

But it just HAS TO BE DONE. 

Takes one to know one, but it takes someone special to keep doing what he or she wants and ultimately get to where they want DESPITE, not because of all the criticism and everything else ... 

But this is about seriousness, and not mere platitiudes 

And you have to DO first. 


Fitness wise, if you want splendid and spectacular results, mere talk won't cut it. 

Mere actions won't either. 

You have to put your life first. Remember, HEALTH IS WEALTH! 

And anyone that tells you otherwise is full of crap. 

Your body is indeed the ONLY Temple you have - that will never ever let you down if you take care of it. 


Like many of my great customers saying "missing workouts is sacrilege". 

You dont do it unless you HAVE TO! 

You do what you have to do - you learn what you need to - despite wives, significant others, and many others around complaining, pissing and moaning about nothing in general. 

You get HER done - first! 

Pun not intended, hehe. 

Although sometimes that isn't a bad idea either, as they tend to complain less thereafter. LOL!!!!!

And that, my friend is the attitue I want in m customers. 

Give 0 Excuses Fitness - the ROLLS ROYCE, truly - of fitness - ALL you've got. 


Ditto for possibly the greatest course of them all - Animal Kingdom Workouts - though there are plenty more! 

Give first. 

Give unflinchingly. 

And you'll be surprised at how doors open up both fitness and life wise! 

And thats it from me. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. - Health is wealth should be something EVERYONE should be CHANTING by now, but curiously enough it's the exact opposite. As I see folks that diss exercise, and especially stuff like you and I do falling sick LEFT, RIGHT, and CENTER - and I ain't even talking China plague here - I gotta shake my head. What BE these folks thinking ... 

Anyway, yeah. Work these exercises hard, and you'll turn ito a super human befor eyou know it!

Or, an INDESTRUCTIBLE, ARMOR PLATED beast and a force of nature. 

Thank me later, hehe. 

You're welcome!

(nothing if not humble am I). 

But nah. SERIOUSLY. I dont want thank yous so much as I want genuine testimonials telling me how much my products helped YOU - as I've said ad infinitum - - that, my BROTHER - is what makes it all worth it!