Friday, 07 May 2021 10:20

Message to the serial refunding wackos and Tom Tom's

Business wise, I've been hit pretty hard by this lot on the other business (but it hasn't impacted profits - if anyhing, they've been impacted hard too - positively!).

They've gone up - big time!

So I really shouldn't be saying this here, but before I do - listen up.

To most of you on this list - this doesnt apply because after the recent cull I did on THIS list, MOST of you are FINE, OUTSTANDING real man and women!

The DOERS - and I Salute you.

Freedom LOVERS - and I salute YOU!

And so forth!

There might be the odd wacko in this list, and judging by the spam folder which I haven't even checked, Bozo Scho-Fo is going insane (like a 100 so far, but like his emails they're on auto block, his signs up are too, so I'm happy in that regard).

I had to do it. The lunacy ... LOL.

But anyway, if there are two things I dont' love about Amazon, admittedly in my view one of the best companies out there to do biz with and the ONLY one I really invest in if you get my drift?

Jeff Bezos - again - YOU ARE THE ... MAN!

But two things I dont' love is this - one, their very "liberal" policy of returns.

So wackos in most cases can buy products, copy and paste, then refund.

Or, wank off to the for all i know (oddly enough, that is what a lot of the wankers do anyway, hence the complains about "the pictures dont look beautiful!")

To which I gotta say, I mean really, dude, why me.

Plenty of "gay" sites with free pics, so you bozos (the ones that complain about the pictures in the book on isometrics for one) can go haunt 'em.

But second ...

I dont like their policy of allowing people that never bought the product to leave reviews.

And admittedly both these policies have their upsides, and the good people far outnumber the trolls (though it might not seem obvious, but they do when it comes to bottom lines).

i.e. yes, if you got Fast and Furious Fitness from someone, and you TOO really loved, it, then hey, you'll leave a review. OBviously!

And of course, the return policy is there for people that "clicked buy" by mistake twice - which happens all too often with Kindle etc.

Trust the wackos to take advantage of it though.

Yours truly does all he can to WARD these types off.

In fact, I've got a very strict no refund policy as well.

For ANY reason.

And with good reason.

And I keep telling you to do your research FIRST.

Only buy if you really want it, and if you don't hey. Plenty of other sites to haunt, troll etc ... whatever gets these idiots off, if you get my drift!

But once you buy, you buy.

And to the serial refunders, I'm going to start calling out by NAME now, so you best be prepared.

I'm sick of people insulting work - especially the lazy copy and paste trolls out there who have NOTHING better to do with their lives.

So if that doesnt deter the wackos, then by all means, keep bringing it.

Watch this space for more!

BAck soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - My bestselling products getting YOU into the best shape of my life, truly the best in terms of fitness, life and motivation - right HERE!

PS #2 - And no, Glyn ain't the ringleader there. He has a sum total of TWO followers, both of whom are too rotund to do much and he's sitting on both right now if you get my drift, so now, not him.

He truly is the king of "cheap" trolls though, hehe. Kudos to "Sco Bro" for accomplishing at least that "from the bottom". LOL!