Monday, 15 February 2021 07:33

The UBER tough nut I cracked, and yet didnt . . .

I talk about a certain client in the 10 Commadents of Successful Sales, that was almost impossible to convince - even for yours truly - which I finally did in a way. 

I mention the entire story in the book, which is a must read if just from a life perspective, even if you ain't interested in making sales of any nature. 

(although I cannot imagine why you wouldn't? Isn't LIFE itself a sale of sorts?) 

But anyway ... this guy later made the following comment to me while doing business (Again) with me. 

"Hey, YOU sold it to me, Rahul!" 

That I did. 

When no-one else could. Including from other companies. 

I still remember "that company" sending me email they got from a competitor company on this. 

Of course, the canny old man probably knew about this too, hehe. He was playin the field, big time. A true salesman! 

But he met his match. 

Again, SORT OF. 

Not fully, but sort of. 

So did I. 

Not fully, but sorta - but I learned a lot from him, hehe. 

Including a certain bit about writing "loooooonnnnnngggggg emails" that everyone from bosses to spouses to colleagues have ranted about, that people say are terrible for sales, and yet here I am, still doing it. 

So much for the so called experts. 

Anyway, I sold him - YES. 

But it was a deal where his investment would be held in "Escrow" (or the equivalent) until a certain portion of the job was done, and so forth. 

And so he was safe guarding himself in that regard. 

COULD i have sold him to do what I do normally in these cases i.e a down payment or no way, Jose? 

I dont know. 

I didnt try. 

Company was more than eager at that point to take him on! 

But to me, (and yes, he DID pay up) it was a great lesson - sales wise. 

95% of the thingsI already knew. 5% I did NOT - and I learned. 

Classic and sage example of YOU NEVER KNOW IT ALL. 

And that, my friend, set the tone for how I price things now, my business dealings etc. 

And why I dont eat lunch for free with students in China or most anyone, unless I really WANT to and like the person. 

I value my time ... 

And to be honest, the reason the guy didnt want to pay upfront wasn't so much being smart and fear of losing money etc if the company up and disappeared one fine day (which given it was halfway around the world could happen - and it had happened to HIM before - he told me the story - another lesson right there! I'll reveal that story later...) 

The reason he was vetting so stringently is because he valued his TIME

He didnt want to invest in a company that couldn't KEEP UP to it's side of the deal. 

Which, unfortunately that company didnt ... 

But I learned some great lessons, and hence my customer vetting etc NOW. 

I value my time equally highly - perhaps MORE so than him, hehe. 

And I've learned a lot from him - so kudos to that dude! 

And that, my friend is that. 

My tea BE a boiling much like his "tea went stone cold" while writing to me, so I'll end this here!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - But really, that is one reason I only want people that get it and dont whine, moan, complain, and piss up a storm incessantly. As certain other folks have said, if you can" "afford" the products (although I dont know why anyone would want to use that word!) - then "thats life". . . 

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