Friday, 28 May 2021 07:54

When friends sell each other out . . .

How it goes, eh. It's odd I should be thinking of this right about now . . . Thoughts truly do transmute sometimes without "us" meaning for them to!

The Universe my friend, never, ever forgets.

As Emerson rightly said, that compensation for your actions might not come NOW - either good or bad - or in years - or 10 years - but come it will - and come it will with compound interest.

You can find the exact quote in his own flowery language on the blog if you search. I couldn't be bothered to type it out in its entirety here, but the Laws of Compensation are a must read for ALL of you - period.

No matter what you're interested in, or not - period.   (Edit - no, I get nothing for bringing it to you)

Maybe a lot, if not all of what is happening TODAY will make sense to YOU when you read it.

Maybe thats why the Sage of Emerson (Edit while putting links in - Concord, I should say) showed up in 2019 during the hill climb in China!

"Youve got work to do, boy!"

True. I had been neglecting it, but anyway, where was I (nah -  Ididnt really neglect this ever - it was just not done at the amped up level I am now - and I'm just getting .... started!)

Anyway, where was I.

Friends selling each other out, eh.

Let me refill my cup of tea because this will likely be a long one (no itsn't about the Bozo selling me out in the most inane and yet the most cruel fashion after all I did to help his sorry ass out) ...

Bozo isn't part of the story.

BRB (Be right Back).


Now that I am!

Green tea at my side - let's GO!

At the outset, I'll pen a quote from one of the parties in this ungodly mess/saga.

"500? I can barely do 5!"

So says (lets call R #1 - "the Lion" as it were) a person who had never done Hindu squats before, and after I introduced them to him.


This ain't about fitness.

Its about back at THAT JOB!

Back at that job, when I left it (although tempers were beginning to fray long before, and yours truly doesnt and refuses to back down - boss or no boss, it dont matter to me!) ... or right before, I snagged a client.

Who came from another client (through another client).

Who came through another.

Normal, eh?


Except that "last" client came through yet another client who I had snagged the year before (when I wasn't working at that company).

Lets call him R #2.

R numero two built a website with THAT company.

I did the sales, handled the deal.

He then introduced another person to the company - with the stipulation that he get 10% of the deal no matter what.

Remember, these were school pals we're talking about (and no, I'm not goin gto name and shame other dude - he ain't involved in this so...)

Then he introduced R numero ONE to me!

Now, as is common with web design projects, I got his stuff done - first, the design.

He was never happy with it. We did, did again, did AGAIN, redid again until we finally hammered out one he was happy with (he was one of those unreasonable clients you hear SO much about these days).

Especially on pinkedout ...

Then we did the (I should say, "we" refers to my company, not THAT company) programming part of it.

His requirements kept increasing, kept increasing, kept increasing.

Anyone thats done any web development will tell  you cannot keep recoding until the cows come home with no additional compensation.

Thats like going to a Honda showroom - buying a car - then coming back "because something included wasn't" (because it wasn't) and then attempting to get a whole bunch of new stuff done for the car without paying a dime more.

It dont work that way, my friend. People expect web development, writing, even books to be like that - why?

I dont get it, my friend.

Product like any other (but that attitude is why I stopped doing web deve years ago - I still do it, but now - only if I'm compensated x 1000 UPFRONT for the entire project first, if not, well, no problemo amigo - find another sucka).

At the point the "relationship" was about to fray for the final time, I requested R numbero uno to get involved and calm #2 down - the same thing you'd expect any account manager to do - the same thing I did for that company all the time.

He never did, claiming "thats not how things are done", thats not the deal.

Actually, it WAS an unspoken part of the deal, and he knows it. he would never have made the deal if not.

OK, fair enough.

I then asked him to fork over a bit of his 10% because really - I was getting gouged for above and beyond what I was paid for - WAY above.

And he wouldn't say a word, so I figured hey - lets just get this done and be over with it - but I saw no reason to ask him what he did.

He got back with some whiny BS about "this is not how it's done in Canada" (he was in Canada at the time apparently).

Funnily enough, another Candian client gypped us months ago - just ran away without saying a word! (in this case us "refers to" - you got it - that company!).

But anyway, it all fell apart.

Numero Uno kept blaming me for not doing the job when the truth it was done OVER and beyond his written requirements (yes, I've got PROOF - both financial and otherwise of all this).

He then "set a price" and asked for a refund i.e. ok, I'll give you this much, but you refund this much.

Like telling me "I'll set a price for the book you wrote".

Insane and retarded.

Naturally I refused.

(this was after I told him about number TWO because number two was starting to really, really tick me off with his behavior and implications of "I'm superior because I'm Canadian and the ROW doesnt exist").

All he had to do was pick up the phone and TALK!

Anyway, I told numero uno to get a refund from his "bosom buddy" who sold him out for "10 %".

That part of it was never addressed, apparently, or was it?

What I do know is the following - #1 did all he could to slander me and besmirch my reputation - he kept it up for a while. HE also filed requests with Paypal etc - all roundly and obviously denied, and Jeez, if even Paypal and banks refuse to accept your so called evidence of fraud - hmmm! Something not right!.

I also know that number two got back with "I'm goin gto sue you!"

And with ... "You've destroyed relationships that go back years!"

Without, of course, mentioning the two friendships he sold out FIRST - before ANY of this happened.

Of course, I got blamed for the entire mess, not to say at that company where the lovely boss claimed "it was their client".

It wasnt, and I've got proof (but if he reads this, and has his own version of it, I'm all ears, pal!)

(No, saying "because Im the big boss" doesnt mean proof).

Apparently I was supposed to work on the pittance they were paying me the rest of my life.

Minute they upped it grudgingly (and this is one of the mistakes I mention in the book - bosses - this a must read for YOU in terms of why employees LEAVE) - they expected x 100 more.

Sorry, pally.

Ain't how it works for ME. Never has, never will, never should!

Given the money I Was making for them, you'd think they'd be happy to focus on that other than inanities about "he works from home all the time! He doestn come to office!"

And now?


All come full circle hasnt it boss.

Anyway ... the Bozo Schofield saga prompted me to write this.

It's also yet another great reason of why mixing business with pleasure (I wrote a tome on that a few months back, remember?) is NOT and NEVER a good idea - even when it's male friends involved.

And that off my chest - why did I bring this up?

Well, because years later (more than 12 years now) - I have an uncanny feeling numero uno is thinking of ME.

My uncanny gut is always right ...

So, I figured I'd write this in advance.

Anyway, have YOU had any similar experience?

Write back - let me know - I'd love for you to share it!


Rahu lMookerjee

PS - I'm stirring the pot a bit I know. But hey. I've always found it better my whole life to DO first and ask questions later!

PS #2 - Another pot stirrer of a course - two in fact - three, actually, and the most roundly trolled yet admired?

Advanced Hill Training

Pushup Central

Animal Kingdom Workouts.

Along with the 0 Excuses Fitness System ya'll will want to get your mitts on this - NOW!

PPS - This also reminds of me of Charles - but we've been over that one multiple times!

Always the consumnate salesperson and bestselling author and shameless self promoter am I - hence the book, hehe.

PPS #2 - And this is an edit, I normally never do 'em, but I had to here!

.... but I'm HONEST. I dare you to prove me otherwise.

Brutally honest (as opposed to the conniving, THEIVING from multiple people), philandering in butts, MORONIC (profoundly so) and COWARDLY Schofield who didnt have the guts to do what he did to my face, hell, even blocked my WeShat before he started!! What a PANSY! - and amazingly, this sort of person still gets pity and sympahty from the one person he screwed over the MOST i.e. Charles!! Insane!) - - -  thats the one thing (and another) even my most brutally honest detractors have never ever been, to the point of utte frustration, hand and head wringing and more been able to accuse me of NOT being.

Anyway, couple things -

The "company" threatened to sue me as well and sent me some silly notice typed up in Microsoft Word by someone I wont mention that just copied and pasted off Google, and used another guy's officious sounding title to cap it off. HA!

I'd have loved for them to do it ...

Naturally, they never did - it would have been the most laughable so called suit ever, and probably get called out for Contempt of Court!

The other thing, and Nazi feminists globally will love this.

My "wife" (interesting how my "girlfriend" got called my wife eh! By Bozos who didnt pause to think) at the time was somewhat blamed for it too.

I've been very verbose about why you shouldn't mix romance and business with no less than two stellar and shining examples before so I wont get into it again here.

But ... her ONLY involvement there was as an "account manager" of sorts from my side, and she did what she was expected to.

OK, end of tale.