Friday, 19 February 2021 08:01

"Me, Me, ME!" and why most affirmations don't work for MOST people

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Because in most cases, people do them WRONG. 

If you're thinking the "me, me me" way is wrong - then you're wrong, by the way. 

It is about YOU. 

And therein lies the key. 

Did you spot it? 

I bet not . . . 

Words, my friends have a very huge power in how we shape our lives - and how our subconscious which ONLY responds to "feeling laced words" responds. 

For most people, although they do the affirmations dutifully (those that do) - there is ONE key ingredient missing. 

One KEY word missing - and it ain't what you're thinking. 

It aint "will", "want", "will get", "can", and so forth. 

Dont get me wrong - all the above words are UBER important and mega powerful. 

But the real Key? 

Is to think of YOU! 

And I don't mean use the word "you" either. 

I mean change your SELF TALK after you finish your affirmations! 

(Again, this is for those of you that actually want to improve YOUR life). 

Believe me, using the right words for ME made a WORLD of difference to results I was getting. 

Before I used this magic word, my results came - but not and nowhere near as satisfactorily as I'd have liked. 

Once I replaced a couple of words (it just "came to me" as an idea, and I did it) - VOILA!

Things started to flow big time. 

As I wanted. 

And most self help books do NOT get into it. 

Some do, but it's so obvious that even experienced self help practitioners miss it occasionally. 

And it's an SUPER IMPORTANT thing I cover ALL The time in my coaching classes, so if interested - and if YOUR Results at whatever you're doing aren't what youve wanted, or if you want MORE - as you should - then APPLY today, and we'll see what we can do. 

Yes, it won't be "cheap". Or "free". 

But it all depends upon your mindset, my friend. 

And if you've got the right mindset, thats the right place for you to BE. 

Now, fitness wise, same thing. 

Ask yourself this question. 

What do I Want today in MY LIFE ?

What do I Want today in my fitness results? 

What do I want to do now ? 

What do I want in terms of my finances? 

And so forth. 

Could be anything you want - but just ask - and you shall GET (provided you DO, and don't just talk/affirm). 

Now, let me ask you something. 

WHO wants my products

And fitness wise, if after reading this, you aren't saying "me, me, me, ME!" to the question I just posted, I'll be a son of a gun. 

Which I probably am anyway, hehe. 

But the choice is YOURS - but if I were YOU, I know what choice Id ADVISE you to make in terms of fitness - the REAL DEAL. 

The rest, of course, is up to you! 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - No, "waiting for the money to come so you can invest" will not necessarily make it come. You have to ATTRACT and FORCE that money to come - much like a shy maiden, hehe. And FAITH - and knowing that you get TEN times worth what you PUT IN - into anything - is key to this!