Monday, 28 June 2021 16:35

One of Henry Ford's lesser known quotes!

Henry Ford, my friend, is peerless! 

I've often spoken about his "I want it, and I shall HAVE IT!" quote - which oddly enough is one I've been using all my life, and most doers have too - without even knowing it in most cases. 

If you're the sort of person that always ultimately achieves a goal, unless a better one shows up - ultimately GETS what you want - hardly, or ever "loses" in this game of life or others - (at the end of the day) - then YOU too, my friend, have been using this line. 

The more, of course, you say it to yourself, the more power it has and permeates that much deeper into your subconscious! 

Anyway, today's quote from Ford is this. 

"An educated man, is one, I think, who doesnt just know a lot - but knows how to do a lot of things!" 


And another slap in the face to the jackasses and Bozos that moan and groan about "you're a jack of all trades!" and "those people that do everything!" and "You need to specialize in thissssssssssssssss"! (and then of course, when "this" goes down the commode, then they act like you should find something to do pronto, but forget what they themselves said about being specialists). 

Nothing wrong with being a specialist, nothign at all. 

But you should always have more than one tool in your kitty, friend. 

Business wise - the number ONE, as I wrote about before is a bad number. 

Life wise, same thing. 

And SKILLS wise - same thing!

Lets see, for me .. 

I went to school to be an "Engineer". 

Quit that first semester, and moved into Computer science, beer drinking, and a host of other unmentionables. hehe. 

Along the way I got a Math minor, was urged to go to grad school (Princeton was one which one of my favorite professors always told me to apply for! i.e. no Mickey Mouse classes) - never did. 

Was urged to specialize in some code monkey job - never did. 

Went to China, not because of the IT support job, but the adventure it offered me. 

And there was tons!

Moved into SALES!

Then did my own thing a while - web development. 

Had a side fitness thing going, which yes - there was another blog before all of this! - that started in 2006! I spoke of a billion dollars in the last email, I can only imagine what if if I had kept that up. 

No advice to do so, of course, learnt from the school of hard knocks. 

Did lots of Bozo jobs, ESL etc along the way. 

Truly, put me in a job - and I can do it! 

That would never have happened, my friend, if I didnt have the smarts to be someone that (instinctively) wanted to do "everything" and certainly more than one thing. 

I mean, why not? 

We're multi faceted - and multi-talented - all of us - even the most maligned ones of us!

(Speaking of which I've been getting lots of insidous remarks as of late to the tune of "what a toxic male!". 

My reply - thank you Ma'am - I love the compliment!) 

(and I truly, truly do). 

I'd rather be that than a cuck and/or simp. 

Anyway, Ford, I believe it was, was badgered with useless questions over "everything" when an idiotic newspaper filed libel against him for something in the 1940s. 

The opposiing lawyer asked him so many meaningless questions that even the jury's eyes began to google (such as "how many soldiers did the Brits send over to quash the rebellion":). 

Finally Ford lost it. 

"Will you tell me, Sir", he said impatiently and with that steely GAZE - "just why I should answer all this and or pack my brain with USELESS FACTS when I have at my disposal a row of pushbuttons I can push that will bring men in that HAVE all these answers down pat!" 

Now that was an educated answer!!

Ford, my friend, was possibly the greatest ever. 

In the modern day era, I'd say only Jeff Bezos compares - and not because of his dough. 

Because of his FORESIGHT. 

Amazon truly is built upon thinking the way the smart customers like me (and you, hopefully!) do! 

Their service as of late has improved as well - and today's appointment with them went swimmingly well. So they listened. Thank you, Amazon!

Fitness wise, same thing. 

If you can do 100 pushups per workout? 


Truly is. 

But what about 50 pull-ups

Can you hike hills without collapsing

Can you do a 100 squats? 

And ditto for any other exercise. 

Truly, my friend, its not just about the ability to focus on one thing and do that one thing very well - thats good, yes! 

But it's about being ABLE to do many things - and do 'em at all a certain level of competence is what truly makes greatness. 

Out for now - back soon!

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And last, but not least - REVIEWS, folks, reviews. Write back, let me know your honest thoughts. I'll share 'em with the world!


Rahul Mookerjee