Wednesday, 10 March 2021 11:06

(Why) I feel blissed and blessed!

I just do, my friend. 

And I often - usually do. 

Those times when I spend either by myself (or when I can, with my daughter) - those times spent doing NOTHING whatsoever, with NO interruptions whatsoever, with NO-ONE around to bother me, no bells clanging, idiots wailing and whining, no Bozos pissin and moaning ... (well, actually not the last. I enjoy the Bozo as much as I do an awesome LAUGH!) ... and many other things and times when I'm A-lone - doing usually precisely nothing. 

Its probably some of these times when I've produced some of my best stuff!

Today, my email is "out of commission". 

I've got so much to write, which I Could here, and send it over to you. 

While doing handstands,  I wanted to write about why (and my daughter loves this one and indeed TOLD ME this - as did many of my CUSTOMERS) - handstands done RIGHT are the "toughest thing to learn" for most people. 

And when we get into ADVANCED handstands, thats amping the level up another notch! 

And then we get to PROFOUND level, the course on which has not yet been put out, but will - someday. 

Someday, someplace, sometime.... 

For right now, this is a signal from the Universe that says I need to rest, and I'm doing so today (though of course, I never "completely take off"). 

But ... all of us DOERS need to RELAX once in a while. 

Believe it or not, despite all my chest thumping (rightfully so) and the bellicose nature of some of my emails, I'm actually a fairly easy going person. 

Easy to get along with. 

NOT the sort of person you'd want to marry, hehe, but definitely the life and soul of the party (for whatever both of those two things are worth, and I dont do the latter too often either!). 

I'd rather sip my beer - preferably Corona or Stella - sitting on my balcony, sunning myself like an old man ... 

Or, I'd rather walk in the garden and stare at the ducks for hours. 

Or I'd rather workout for long hours, and be left in peace. 

It's all meditation and "connect with the Universe" time for me, and I value this sort of thing so much that I cannot begin to put a price tag on it - much like my "reassuringly expensive" products, which I really - sometimes I look at the prices, and wonder "damn, I'm giving this away for damn near free!". 

Or, Gazdooks! 

Or, Golly! 


I know the lookie lous and idiots out there think the opposite, which is fine, because I ain't in the biz of convincing morons, and do all I can to repel 'em. 

But anyway, I'm back to lying down right now and doing precisely nothing - and sometimes YOU TOO would be well serve dby doing what Claude Bristol said i.e. "go into nothingness" and "thy problems will fade away":. 

And if you dont have problems, "thy BLISSED feeling will amp up several notches". 

Believe me, when you get to the point you can truly meditate for hours and not think anything, you're getting someplace. 

(I wouldn't advise doing what Boddhidharma reportedly did tho). 

But anyway, in this blissed and blessed mode, I've given you a blessed offer that won't last too long - that being, and this is mentioned when you checkout on the site, ANY order over $350 - any order - paperback - digital -duplicate - whatever - gets 15% OFF. 

Flat out, no questions asked, you dont even have to enter in a coupon code - I've set it to be done automatically for you, and you'll see that on the page as well. 

So while I can't promise how long this state of affairs will last, I CAN promise it won't be long. 

Jump on this now, my friend - in a BLESSED state of mind! 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - No, this ain't to "pay for email" - for those that might think so (believe me, I had an idiot once write in and ask me "why should I pay for training materal when you make it for "free"). Someone should have asked this ass wad if laptops, servers, website development, and the sweat, blood, tears and toil - and most of all EXPERIENCE and knowledge was to be gotten for "free", and if so, why he didnt just "get it for free". 

PS #2 - Oh well. Back to feeling BLESSED. And this PS was written before I wrote the main email (or post, since I'm not emailing today). 

(I'm going to be getting back to emails and "infesting the Inbox" pretty soon again, don't worry, hehe). 

PPS - No "why": in terms of the magic figure - thats just how it is, and it's an amount I think fits the bill nicely, and is "fair and square", really. No why in terms of "how much off" either. Thats just how it is, friend. Go with the ...FLOW! 

(I just gave you several keys to super achievement in this email for FREE, btw).