Sunday, 29 August 2021 13:08

"The one that got away" - and, of course ... the mystery reviewer!

Both very interesting things, I'd say! 

But anyway - June 10. Jun 25. The recurring dream, and the UBER POIGNANT one that I had, possibly a month or so ago, but could not locate today in m dream "diary" to tell you the exact date. 

Lots of people, I was dragging her along, then in the crowd my hand slipped off hers. 

Neither one of us "pulled away". 

But there she was, stuck, looking at me "left behind in the crowd" (she was) - looking neither forlonly nor happily at me .. just a wistful, "I wish" look, those eyes kind as always, even during the most intense of our battles together... 

Carol was someone I met in 2015. 

She did some very good things for me. 

Many things, she almost transformed my life. 

And, as I blocked her on WeChat the other day for reasons I won't get into here (no point, really) - what do I feel? 


Except, it was long overdue. 

And sometimes, things happen for a resaon. 

Carol, I'll always "love" you - and I'll always love  - CHERISH - and appreciate our time together. You know it, and you will too. I know that. 

I dont know when or how we drifted apart THIS much, but hey, you've fallen prey to it as well - what most people have these days. 

Apathy, general uncaring, and ... everything else associated with it. 

The times we spent together were the best ever. We both know it. 

It was beautiful, like few other times I've ever had with anyone. 

(they were there, but not many!). 

I doubt I'll ever speak to her again, let alone meet her. 

Sure, never say never, and the sheer unpredictability of LIFE makes it all the more wonderful and interesting ... 

But, thats how I feel at this instant. 

I doubt I'm wrong!

Anyway, dreams aside, here's some great reality! 

A "mystery" reviewer - and BUYER - has been giving us some GREAT, GREAT reviews!

On Google of all things. 

FB has been goin gon a while - I've got tons and tons of 5 star ratings etc there (the sole 1 star rating is for Butts Bozo Glyn which figures, hehe) - but on Google? 

I just noticed it today!

Now, this person has rated the books, but hasn't written anything, but thats fine!

It's OK. 

Sometimes, there's nothing to say - it's just sheer artistry and genius at work. 

Sometimes, you rate and say "F all" after that, because guess what, and i've been there - the books are just superb. 

I dont know who this person is. 

But to whoever it is - get back - I'll give you a HUGE discount as my way of saying thank you!

And, on that note folks - remember two things - 

One, I've said it time and time again, review, and I'll give you a 10% off on your next purchase simply for that review, even if it is not 5 star - my only requirement is it be honest and somewhat verbose, at least. 

And two ... 

Lumberjack "Lodestone" Fitness - get in on the pre-order while you still CAN, because it won't last too much longer. 

And that is that for now - back soon.


Rahul Mookerjee