Sunday, 17 January 2021 09:56

What I learned (and the workout I got) from fixing the WATER machine this afternoon ...

It's funny, my dear reader, but tru.

Yours truly is NOT a "technically" inclined person in that he dos NOT like to "take things apart and fix them". 

If theres something to do around the house? 

Well, yours truly is probably NOT the guy you call, hehe. 

And it's funny despite my outward alpha male "macho" appearance. I didnt know how to change the air con filtere on an A/C split until Marc the African Silverbak Gorilla told me. 

He didnt know either. 

Despite the brawn

And this isn't about attraction, or like minds attracting, but rather the Chinese dude who showed us just how EASY it was when he did it (on a paid basis of course, hehe). 

Much like opening a lock is if you know how. Again, CHina's taught me a lot in that regard!

Forking out a 100 or so kuai for something youc an do with ... ah, but this isn't about locks, locksmiths, and yours truly forgetting keys when in a rush for workouts (I rarely do it, but it's happened on occasion!). 

But anyway ... 

It's a lot easier to do all this in China than India. 

India, for whatever reason is different in that the craftmanship for just about anything is shoddier. 

Nothing is standard. Nuts and bolts don't fit where they should. Parts are "just that much different". And so forth. 

China, not so. 

Despite China's many faults, MOST factories and us foregin devils doing QC there ensure that parts are, for the most part, of uniform standard and quality in just about anything made there these days with a few exceptoins, but just a few. 

Yours trulu even took apart a giant HEATER of all things there, wires and everything, and re-wired it all back together with the help of a video - in Chinese!

HEy I can learn if taught WELL. 

But in India? 

I doubt I'd be able to even put the damn thing back together, hehe. 

Anyway, yours truly has never been technically inclined in that regard. 

Curiously enough I'm the guy they call when computers need fixing or taking apart ... 

But the "man things around the house"? 

For some reason, changing car tyres, or being taught how to do so, or being taught how to BOX and FIGHT ... all those little "guy things" that Dad's often pass on to their kids was never ever there for me. 

Perhaps it's the Nazi feminist household in which I grew up. 

But I wasn't interested in it either. 

But then again, kids are only interested once you TELL 'em. 

I teach my little GIRL to box (the best I can, hehe) - and to exercise RIGHT (which I CAN do - very well!). 

It's never about gender my friend (curiously enough yours truly was told to take "manly subjects" in schoool when he was more interested in arts and HISTORY rather than boring ass Sciences). 

And curiously enough most of my customers are of the same bent of mind, upbringing etc. 

Not so much "friends" of whom I have precious few, and PREFER it that way. 

Quality, not quantity. 

And where am I going with all this, you might ask? 

The workout I got. 

More to the point, the THUMB workout. Same thumb that popped in and out while doing handstands "Rocky style" is now back at full bore despite me getting NO treatment for it, bearing the pain, and the only thing I Did for it was grip an ice cold Corona tightly the night of the (VERY AND MOST painful I've ever had) injury. 

Today, that thumb is rockin and back stronger than ever 

Fingertip pushups, my friend, before you ask are the secret. 

And despite the MARK on my right thumb from openkng that damn water filter or what not this afternoon, I did it. 

Don't know so much about the tech side of it, but the "opening and closing"? 

I did it. (no, Bozo Glyn, if you're reading this I ain't referring to the legs you never opened and the asses you always dove headfirst, not the small one either ... ah, but I will stop. LOL). 

Fingertip pushups are a secret old timers and wrestlers used to build that CORSUCATING grip strength and are often ignored in favor of fancy grippers and sucgh. 

Weight shyt, and what not. 

Big mistake my friend. 

These will giv eyou the strongest fingers ever, and a grip of STEEL. 

Learn how to do 'em right HERE


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - And remember, along with pull-ups? You'll literally have a grip of steel x 1000. In fact, I believe I gave away one of my TOP grip secrets by saying that, but so be it! 

PS #2 - Bozo Schofield sent me a rant saying "Rahul Tyson" when I posted the sales page. Maybe I'll go MANO-A-0MANO with him on that one. Then again, nah. I fight MEN...LOL. Not pansies and girly men. 'nuff said. 

(and men that wouldn't last a DAY in the slammer, hence the Bozo on the lam from cops. Long story!)