Thursday, 11 March 2021 08:19

More on my conversation with a great, great guy Charles Mitchell and why it applies to you (it DOES!).

Yours truly has made no secret of the fact he's BRUTAL. 

In every regard. 

Brutally frank. 

Brutally honest. 

He goes the whole hog. 

He drinks teh whole barrel. 

He sings songs about "extreme ways have helped me, have helped me every time" ... 

On another site, he has written almost a HUNDRED - yes - books - about a topic completely unrelated to this one (Bozo Scofield loves the books though) ... and he's been equally, if not even more brutal, frank, to the point and from the heart on it. 

Now, lots tell me that "I'm not for everyone". 

And I agree. 

I wrote about the list of people that love me and follow me until the ends of the Earth because I give them the REAL DEAL without pulling any punches is LEGION. 

The list of haters is x 10. 

Or more. 

I put that on the front page of 0 Excuses Fitness too!

But anyway, workout wise, a common grip (and someone once said this about Gorilla Grip too) was that ... "these are too tough". 

And I've always said, no, they AIN'T " too tough" either - and they are. 

if you think they're too tough and can't do 'em, they'll always remain that way. 

If you pull up your socks and determine you CAN, and WILL do them come hell, rain or high water - you will damn well do 'em, and get good at 'em! 

And thats the entire key. 

My stuff is for EVERYONE out there - yes, especially the FANATICS like me, but it helps EVERYONE. 

From the average couch potato to Crossfitters and IRonmen to bonafide fitness MANIACS like the 0 Excuses Fitness SHIP members are - and even to Bozo Schofield if he gets off his fat rumpus and decides to make something of himself some day ... what I got to say fitness wise(and indeed on all my other biz endavors too) works for everyone. 

If it worked for me, it'll work for you. 

The DESIRE and FIRE is what is required, bro. 


Most men that succeeded at high levels did because they were (amongst many other factors) persistent and so closely driven by circumstance that they had no choice but to, and I'm not talking money here. I spoke about that in the post before this on the other site. 

I'm talking genetics ... 

Anyway, enough chatter from me. 

First, before you read the SECOND part of the email I sent Charles - read the FIRST part (and his initial email) HERE. 

Lots of lessons there ... 

And once you're done, here is what I had to say (again). 

Here though is another KEY, my brother. One you mentioned yourself in your email beneath.

YES, most would give up just by looking at the workouts.

But and quoting from your email ""Few can master these workouts right out of the box, but it is certainly something to aspire to.  If and when you are able to complete one of these workouts, you know you have achieved something special"

THAT is the key!

ASPIRING - and doing and not being lazy.

If yours truly can do these workouts with my genetics, issues of being overweight etc in the past, health issues that I had - and solved MYSELF through my workouts and THAT ALONE (not what some lard ass doc said about not swimming or drinking beer or popping pills) - then ANYONE can.

I dont know if you know Karl Gotch?

He was known as the God of Pro Wrestlin in Japan.

He had some rather uncomplimentary and (in my opinion) WRONG views about money, which is probably why he passed on poor, but training wise, he was a legend right up there with the best, bar none.

FANATIC in terms of conditioning.

And what he said was this "All I asked of any boy that wanted to learn wrassling was a WILLING HEART and the desire to DO".

(That isn't a verbatim quote, but it's out there on the Internet).

But the point of this - ANYONE can WORK UP to these workouts - and become superhumans - - which as you know is why I DO all this.

THAT is what it's all about, bro!

Anyway, more on this later in another email. Inbox Infestation to start again shorty too, hehe, but for now, just visit the blogs on both sites ...



Well, my friend, thats enough lessons for one post. 

Inbox Infestation starts soon, hehe - and when it does, and you'll probably be so "flooded that you won't be able to keep up. 

Just the way I like it! 

And with the Bozo (Schofield is the top "dog" (I should say "biaaaaaa.....!") there, but there are others too) no doubt creaming his sissy panties to "flooding" and "boy" - LOL - I'm out. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee