Friday, 25 June 2021 15:22

"Cycling builds legs like pillars"

Its indeed interesting!

I've written so much about swimming in the past. It makes its way into my blog posts, it makes its way into emails, into books, even into the book on Fitness Recollections! (one of the most inspirational ever, and I'm easily overdue edition #2 and #3 on that one - but yeah, for now, it's full focus on Lumberjack Fitness as you know!) - but another old favorite - not necessarily mine, but a lot of yall I bet - cycling? 

Cycling is great exercise - not so much the stationery bikes in the gym that I hear President Biden and his wife both use every morning (it's a toss up to see who gets to use it first from what he said, hehe). 

(It's alright - not terrible - certainly better than the treadmill I think, especially the kind that let you monitor your heart rate etc as you really pump and pedal). 

Still nothing compared to cycling outdoors though ... 

Feeling the fresh breeze blow through your hair, the wind on your face as you rip and roar - nothing like it! 

And of course jealous fellow cyclists (I'm talking when we were kids) when you buy a new one, but they dont!

I used to cycle quite a bit till middle school, then dropped out of the habit - along with Taekwondo, swimming, the "weekly tennis" jamboree I wrote about, and a host of other things. Not good!

But I more than made up for it in my later years it seems!

But anyway, cycling is great exercise, myf riend - especially when done UPHILL - it'll truly build legs of pillars. 

My wife loves it too. 

She used to be an avid cyclist when younger - did it for miles apparently. 

Wanted to sprint as well, but apparently her Dad wouldn't get her the right "attire" or something. 

Running in those long flowing Indian dresses ain't easy!

Hey, I get it. 

My parents weren't overly enthusiastic about (not) getting me soccer material when I asked. 

"How can he ever..." 

You get the picture, hehe. Those were truly different times in that now - my daughter - when she asks for somethign? 

It's there, not just in single, but duplicate (both Mama and myself) - and triplicate (Granny, Mama, and myself. Hehe). How times change!

Sometimes for the better in this regard, sometimes for the worse when it comes to brattiness, China plagues, and the dumbphone. 

But anyway, I just emailed "the wife" the following - 

(with the subject line "cycling") 

"Cycling increases my stamina beyond belief! It builds legs like pillars, and also increases fitness throughout the entire body". 

Apparently two lines my daughter's gotta say for school online or something. Maybe she'll practice it and not throw a hissy about HW if Mommy makes her do it, heh.

But it prompted more than a few thoughts. 

Stamina - heck yeah. 

And there's no doubt cycling builds a strong core and strong, pliable legs, especially thighs . . . (especially if done uphill, or in sprint style). 

But for legs truly like pillars? 

Hindu squats done in high reps, my friend! 

And all it's variants. 

I've not found ONE single exercise that makes the legs blow up more than this - other than what I've mentioned, of course in Advanced Hill Training on the hill exercises - and of course Animal Kingdom Workouts

And cycling wise, lets talk .. upper body!

Did you know that one exercise you can do when on the pull-up bar with your legs that approximates cycling will build a core of STEEL and ripped, "bulging" abs - STRAITED to the core? 

It's a simple enough exercise - so simple people hee haw at it. 

But there it is - the simplest things often and always usually work the BEST. 

Those that have DONE the thing, and a close variant is mentioned in Pull-ups -from Stud to Super Stud within WEEKS! KNOW what I BE talking about. 

Additionally, then you have the CLOCK exercise - or it's variants. 

Where you literally cycle your legs in a circle like a clock, if that makes sense. 

I've been speaking a lot of mugdars and the like in emails so far, but THAT sort of training - oh my. 

Builds a grip and core like nothing else will!

Cycling builds the grip too, but nowhere near what I've mentioned above - not even close. 

And that, my friend is that. 

Lots of fitness related info. 

If Ryan "hanky panky" is reading this, he'll be a bit disappointed. 

So be it, friend - but hey - the book on pull-ups shows me in China, so you should love it from that angle at least!

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee