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Why I'd back Jeff Bezos anyday in a dogfight against Ambani (Mukesh)

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Two billionaires, my friend. 

One the worlds richest man - by far. Even a sitting US President who took pot shots at him couldn't do much to him ultimately. Hehe. 

Two, India's richest man - and by all regards, very cosy with the current Indian leadership (if the news articles are to believed, but I dont believe most mainstream sh-news). 

And they're locked in a legal battle over "Future Group". 

A company that entered into a deal with Bezo's Amazon (I'll let you read the specifics here) and Ambani' Reliance, a company which isn't quite my favorite when it comes to Internet in India. 

Last I saw, it was Airtel I liked the most!

I'm sure Reliance has it's plus points, but what it does NOT have is decent supermarkets. 

Sorry, guys, and double sorry (not really) to all those who'll jump up and down saying "you support foreign devvvvvvvvvviiiillll" (A bozo from India once did exactly that when he was shirking on work for a customer - not from India - and I called him out on it - his response was "how dare you support a Westerner against an Indian" - and this was a supposedly educated guy!!!) - but fact is this. 

"Reliance Fresh" might be somewhat of a supermarket by Indian standards, but it doesn't hold a candle to the regular Wal-Marts, let alone the Super Centers - or even Park n Shop - or even Carrefour or Lulu. 

The comparison between these other giants and another Indian giant Reliance - not even on - Reliance is SO far behind the rest of the pack that it isn't worth talking about (even my wife, for instance, who has never been outside the country to see what supermarkets look like outside and just how convenient there are says this). 

She's right!

Then, digital. 

From what I can tell Reliance has a site up purporting to do home deliveries. 

Sadly, they aren't as transparent as Amazon. 

I've said many a times the ONLY people I order from online either in India or not (China is an exception because Amazon isn't quite the thing there) is Amazon. 

Jeff Bezos, you're the man - again - not for your money (though you deserve every bit) - but for your honest down to each approach, and your way of thinking as the customer does. 

Even with customer service not quite what it used to be at Amazon, I woudln't even think of switching my loyalty from Amazon to another company. Never ever! 

And if Amazon opened supermarkets, I'd gladly never visit Wally World again. 

But Reliance is part of the majority in that when a product ain't in stock, they let you add to cart anyway, then carry you on to the checkout page, then at the last minute before you check out? 

Oops! We dont have it, but shop for something else, pal!

Maybe that works for some people, I dont know. 

To me, it PISSES me off big time. 

I didn't come there to shop for something else. 

I came there to shop for what I want - and LEAVE. 

Amazon understands this, and with Amazon, they even tell you whether the product can be delivered where you're at, all before clicking "add to cart". 

THAT is true thinking like the customer - real customers - do!

Kudos Jeff. 

And in a street fight, why I'd back him over Ambani and the massive advantage Ambani has in terms of being local? 

His vision, first off. 

His mind and foresight. 

Amazon knows which strings to pull, and what counters to play, and - in short - how to do BUSINESS. 

Not many other companies can lay claim to that. 

Sell books? Amazon!

Sell all over the world from anywhere? Amazon!

Different payment methods, offers no-one can match, ease of payment (no, it's not because they're that big they can give you those offers. Remember, as Bezos said, the company took more than 20 years to even turn a profit!) ... Amazon!

Blazing paths where no-one else has gone (Kindle is but one example - along with Alexa etc) - Amazon!

And most of all, my friend it boils down to this. 

If it were Dhirubai Ambani - the guy who founded the Reliance empire from I believe the position of a gas station attendant, working his way up "at night" - vs Bezos, I might say equal battle. I probably would. 

But Ambani the son, my friend, despite his MANY admirable qualities (trust me, they're there) didnt start it from scratch. 

THAT, to me makes all the difference!

Bezos took 10,000 from his Dad and told him there was a 70 percent chance he would fail. 

His Dad trusted him - history was made. 

Bezos till this date if you've got a 10 percent chance at anything of really striking it big - go for it!

He's right. 

Hence his space missions etc 

My wife said "all that is a cover. He just wants to enjoy his life now". 


His retirement from Amazon though has nothing to do with that - I bet it's because of the current economic climate, getting out while it's good, and given the world has already pretty much run out of resources, instead of trying to settle down in NZ or some nuke proof place, he's trying for Mars. 

Now if there was ever a vision, there it is! 

So that, my friend is that. My views, anyway!

Let me know what you think. 


Rahul Mookerjee

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PS #2 - Bezos, my friend, is every bit the street fighter he does not appear to be. Appearances, my friend, can be deceptive. He's as tough as they come!