Tuesday, 10 August 2021 12:14

The Bouncer that never was, hehe,

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So life, dancing monkeys and more! 

I've been in flashback mode since ... well, last night before lopping off to bed. 

I was purging some very nasty memories indeed, hehe, including a stint in the Middle East which I didnt like at all. But hey, all happens for a reason eh. 

But anyway ... 

Yours truly was once hired as a bouncer. 

At a dancing monkey center. 

A decidely unthreatening one - hired to keep the monkeys away or bring 'em in, well, you decide. 

I even had an assistant! 

Her name ?

I wouldnt know, friend. 

Wham bang thank you Ma'am my ass. 

She disappeared the minute I took the infamous photo. 


Which shouldn't be as infamous as it is, but remember, Rahul Mookerjee says a word, the word of haters starts hating 

Or was that the other way around. Hehe. 

Sometimes, I think I just need to be natural. 

And thats all I need to do. 

I swear, thats all I ever do and have ever done.... Hehe. 

Anyway, social media isn't something I love, but I'm using it more these days but of course. 

LinkedIn might remove me permanently. 

And if they BS at me any more this time, I won't even bother. Hehe. 

Like I don't with Freakbook - for the most part, of course. 

But .... 

That picture is decidely unbouncer like. Movie star like, perhaps. 

Renegade, yes, artist, yes, and many other things, but bouncer? 

In the future, I'll post a picture of myself with a true Bouncer and Gorilla, hehe, my buddy from the Marines. 

You haven't seen David and Goliath until you've seen THAT. Hehe. 

And, yours truly wrote about "Happy Giraffe" International school with some very real protagnoists on the other site. 

You'll see a picture of yours truly as a Giraffe as well. Hehe. 

Be on the outlook for all that - and would yo ubelieve it, friend, I actually had an English student/still friend called "Giraffe". 

He had a short neck, apparently he wanted a longer one... 


ESL you beauty - not - when I DID deign to do it - and trust me, they paid me a heck of a lot to do it. 

Way more than the Tom Tom's and Bozos could ever dream of. You'll see it and why in the pictures, all to come... 

So, if you ain't done it already, follow me on @0excusesfitness on Instagram. 

Plenty from China! Hehe. 

And thats that for now, my friend. 

I'll see you soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. - Almost forgot, friend - Fast and Furious Fitness- the Collector's Edition. It's gotta GO - NOW. 

ARE you gonna be the first - and last - to get this most prestigous, world famous, and critically acclaimed book? 

I dont know. 

Only you do!

And remember, autographs for zilcho - free - too! 

I dont know, to me that would be cincher....