Thursday, 07 October 2021 09:59

Why kids love dinner table conversations

Often times, when on the phone with people - or if I am on the phone with people, which I generally NEVER get on - because if someone's calling me, I've found out it's only because they are trying to dodge some fact I've brought up via text or email and want someone to "listen to them" as opposed to two people having a conversaton and the usual "I'm your friend" bullshit when really it's a matter of the other person being a fuckin leech for the most part... I get irritated. 

Ever notice that some conversations go around and around? 

If you're having a problem, you tell someone pat comes the answer - well, what are you doing to solve it (without you asking for help in any which way).  

Like, dude, how would YOU solve the same problem? 

When you tell these idiots that, they hem and haw. 

And of course, for most people they're bored and looking for pseudo - entertainment, but it brought to mind something interesting. 

And sad in a way. 

Kids all over the world, even today love for their parents to sit together at the dinner table - all together, chatting etc. 

"Dinner table conversation", I believe they call it. 

Growing up, I can't quite recall, but I think until the age of 15 or so, the kids ate first, by themselves or otherwise, adults later ... 

And given the relationship between this "unruly" kid and family (everyone having their own opinion on whats right and wrong, wrong people unwilling to change etc) there was never much meaningful convo to begin with. 

It's sad though, when my daughter wants this - I can hear the longing in her voice for Mommy and Daddy to "sit together". 

It's sad though when she REALLY wants to sit - and not just be entertained, but provide her input - have some NORMALCY for a change. 

Yet, that will never happen! 

Whats even sadder is the world these days, and of course, neither parents, or both, or one not making the effort to "be normal" even for a while. 

Hey, it happens - I get it. I should know!

People hate each other basically. 

But - why bring kids into the mix? 

Unfortunately, that is exactly what is going on amist all the other craziness............

Anyway, on the topic of normalcy. I wrote about this before from an adult perspective, and I'll write about it now from a kiddie perspective. 

Many of you reading this have kids. 

And stubborn though you might be to accept the fact, FITNESS - and movement is what is required for most kids. 

Know whats sad(again)? 

Even physical education teachers etc, those tailored towards KIDS - or supposed to be - are either phat as phock themselves, or aren't qualifed to instruct to begin with!

Look at the fockers in most schools teaching fitness - so FAT they can barely bend over (if you think Bozo, think 1/3 rd his size, which is still a lot!) - let alone teach anyone to do the most basic of movements when they can't do it themselves, or of course these idiotic schools siphoning off the top, "saving a buck" and putting people in that dont know the F of fitness, to save a buck, of course, on hiring qualified people... 

Not me - dont get me wrong. 

Been a while since I taught kids pull-ups - I'll happily take the memories, but not again! Hehe. 

And whats sadder, even the qualified ones, and I've seen this have LOWERED their standards for kids - simply because most kids cannot do even the most basic of movements today without becoming cranky as a bear - or plain not able to do it.  

I can't help but wonder, for instance, when a child of 8 is unable to bend over properly, tie his or her own shoelaces, and such - it is WAY more common than you'd think - not to mention expanding bellies, and the same Grandma's that castiage their own children for stuff way less "doting" away on the grandchildren because of course, it's OK for them ... why? I dont know!

Crazy world, indeed, its come to!

And sad, to me... 

Anyway - try and be as normal for your kids as possible, my friend. 

When they grow up - TRUST ME ON THIS ONE - that is the one thing they will remember above all i.e. GENUINE love and affection, not the kind you "fake". People - andkids - can feel it!

And make sure to get them started on REAL kid's fitness routines, not the crap being thrown around these days - all taught in Kiddie Fitness

Write back - let me know how it worked for your little one!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Adults, for YOUR version of this - go HERE