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Saturday, 02 October 2021 08:02

Glyn Bozo Cleaning Service, frilly skirts included.


I'm truly on a roll today. 

As I finish making some edits to the Chinese verion of (yes, we're doing books in Chinese now too!) of a book I once wrote - which Bozo Glyn would LOVE - about sissies , maids and all that (rather extreme) - I gotta say this. 

One of the main reasons I could never live in India long term - was this reliance, on overreliance on "maids". 

I know, I know. 

My customers - YOU reading this have gotten back tome several times saying "wtf". 

"Not everyone is so rich as to hire maids!" 

Ah, but there in lies the nub, Indias cheap and abundant labor - except it comes with a catch, and it ain't cheap either. 

When you hire a maid in INdia (which I absolutely NEVER EVER DO - maids there give me the SHIVERS - they always have since childhood!) ... you dont hire a maid apparently. 

You hire someone to "sweep the floor". 

Except, apparently sweeping cobwebs off the floor costs more and is an extra service. 

You hire someone to "wipe the floor". 

Except, removing stains doesnt come with it. 

You hire someone to "wash the clothes". 

Except, drying the clothes doesnt come with it. 

So much for the cheap labor. 

Not to mention, all these tasks - in other , far more developed countries, when you hire a maid, you pay her a set amount per hour - and she cleans - and thats that!

India apparently if you ask her to clean the bathroom - then "cleaning the basin is seperate" and "toilet is seperate" 

It is just insane,of course, when I dare to bring it up (I never do) I get yells aplenty. 

"Who do you think you are!" 

"Thats real life, not the fun you have overseas". 

Ah, so overseas wasn't real life and is all "fun". HA!

"They're graduates, those girls", my S.O. once sniffed. 

OK, well, so they are in many parts of the world, especially these days. 

I mean, I dont know, I know TIC i.e. "This is China". 

But TIC really, it PALES in comparison to "TII". 

Like for fuck's sake, cleaning is cleaning is cleaning, friend!

I hire a maid in China maybe once a month - I dont need anything else. 

She cleans - I dont even tell her what to do. 

She washes the dishes - I dont stand guard over her. 

I dont even need to tell her to wipe the floor etc .. 

It is the same EVERYWHERE, apparently just not "in India". 

It seems almost insane to me, but who am I to say anything, of course. 

Truly, keeping in mind all this, I really Bozo Schofield should give up his Nigerian passport and apply for an Indian one.Hehe. 

He's be hired as a maid instantly, at least by guys. 

And given women generally do a better job of cleaning their own apartments than guys do ... Glyn Bozo would be a god send. 

He'd get a kick to the wazoo if he talked any rot about asses, and so forth, he'd be told to shut up and just do the thing. Hell, so long as he didnt wank all over the place I for one would give him S/M magazines to look at while he worked before I booted him out. 

Best part, he would probably do it for dirt cheap, if not free. Hehe. 

But really, the lunacy that passes for real life these days boggles the mind - my mind, at least!

Maybe we can ask Glyn to set up a "maid service" in India - run by him, and he'd be the sole worker. 

Hey, he'd make a great, great "protagonist" for one of my erotica tales. Hehe. 

Not so much Glyn's China rants, as I once thought of writing (trust me, with his rants on washing machines and such, thats a tome unto itself!) 

But .. and I remember a guy "Cliff" once commenting in a Keeping it Real in China group - my super group. 

"Send her here! My hous eis a mess!" 


I dont know if he meant Bozo. 

Probably not, hehe. 

"I'll stop". 

Yes, Cliff, I got that from Americana and you ... 

But poor Bozo too, hehe. 

He deserves every bit, and hey, he enjoys it, so might as well! 

As Chuck so famously said, the more the merrier! 


I'll really stop now, LOL. 

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Remember, you'll be doing your bit for the maid ecosystem too with all the sweat you'l lleave on the floor, hehe. 

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