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Since so many people - and companie in general seem to be missing the boat, well, I thought I'd put this out there. 

After yet another absolutely and utterly horrendous session (over three days) dealing with Google on a seperate issue which could have been resovled with ONE SIMPLE EMAIL - and which Google blatantly lied to me about in certain regards - and most of all, are brazely unapologetic about it. 

I often wonder, what do these companies THINK? 

Even the biggest can fail, my friend - and smart men like Jeff Bezos know this. 

Despite no longer remaining the CEO of the company, he's still the executive head of the board (whatever the term is) at Amazon. You can bet the current CEO will be leaning heavily on him for advice as well! 

True, Amazon has it's issues with front line customer service - especially in India. Or, calls routed to India. 

But overall, they have an escalation matrix - that still works as it's supposed to. 

You can get a real HUMAN being on the other end of the phone - or email - that actually listens to and understands what you're saying - and most importantly TRIES to understand. 

Not so with Google, one of the worst ever in terms of customer service. 

Not so with certain other big companies I won't name here. 

But here's what customer service is NOT about - 

Sending me a copy and paste email as the first response to a question, peppered with highly idiotic links that anyone can Google themselves. I mean really, guys, if I've read the links and contacting you after that, why email me the same damn things again?

Simply telling the customer "copy and paste responses" such as "where is my delivery" gets answered with a copy and paste from the website, which to be honest isn't showing the right info, but thats al customer service can tell you "whats on the website". Pray, whats the point of customer service if they dont deal with , well, SERVICING the customer? 

Promising the customer something - and then not only going back on that promise, but blatantly being "brazen" about it. Dishonesty is something I hate the most! 

Giving terrible "copy and paste" responses which make you feel you're talking to a robot (with terrible spelling etc as well) that could quite frankly care two hoots less about your issue as opposed to fobbing it off on the next unlucky rep to receive the case. 

Giving the customer email responses like "we understand that ... " (when there is no solution after the understanding), or and as I've stated before, staring off with flowery equivalent of customer service honey do's for the entire page, before they finally talk about your concern in "one line hidden away amidst the garbage" - which that one line doesnt even address your concern most of the time. 

Unfortunately though it's not Google that is the sole culprit here. Customer service in general seems to have become "boot the customer away" and "how dare he contact us". 

Jeff Bezos, again, is the only guy thats got it spot on i.e. "if the customer is contacting us, its likely because we messed up" - and so he FIXES the issue. 

Ain't no surprise he's the richest man in the world today. 

He's getting a lot of flak for his recent space journey, but to all the Tom Tom's giving him flak and telling him how he should spend his own money fixing more world problems - well, going to space and "colonizing" mars or what not is a fix in itself. Jeff Bezos knows very well the Earth's limited resources are running out, and he does nothing without a reason behind it. 

Plus, capitalism was what GOT him where he is today and you see the Tom Toms whining about socialist fixes "he can vaccinate the entire world over twice and still be as wealthy as he was before the pandemic". 


It's his damn money. 

He's got the right to do with it as he chooses. 

Simple fact of life -people with a socialist mindset, of course, won't get it .. 

And of course, they won't look at HOW he got there, and aspire to reach similar or higher levels themselves. 

But anyway , customer service to me is about understanding that not all customers are Bozos. 

Not all customers don't read links before contacting the company!

Not all customers are "always wrong". 

Not all customers are "abusive" for pointing out that customer service reps lie to them (when they do). They're stating a fact stated many times over - and they finally "lost it" and got frustrated. Happens to everyone, at least those of us that are human. 

Most of all, its about understanding each customer is unique, and many a times the rigid rules don't fit EACH circumstance. 

True, in huge congolomerates, certain rules are there, period. 

Even 0 Excuses Fitness has a very stringent, for ANY reason, NO REFUNDS POLICY. 

I've been very upfront with this always. 

But other than that, those in customer service need to realize two things - 

One their job is to SOLVE the problem - not be a rote copy and paste monster on roids. 

Two, each customer is unique. While each problem might not be able to be solved, at least make the customer he's been HEARD - instead of just pasting shoddily written responses (Google My Business team in India gain). 

It's just terrible. Honestly! 

I mean, EVERY time I get  customer service emails these days, I can smell whatsup. 

If they actually want to help (Google is actually fairly decent in that regard so long as you purchase paid services from them) - they'll get straight to the point. 

If they dont - it'll be the garbage above. 

Regrettably, there is way too much of the latter going on. 

Anyway, what do I know ... 

I'm just one person. 

But thats how it starts!

Anyway, those are MY thoughts on that - let me kno wif you agree!

And remember to pick up the best fitness system out there ASAP - right now - because it truly IS the best, my friend. 

Best for the best!


Rahul Mookerjee

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