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Tuesday, 14 September 2021 10:50

"Your father is a little nutty"

I've got several interesting tidbits to share with y'all on this one! Hehe. 

Dont ask me how - but a little birdie whispered some things to me - or "tweeted", if you were to ask me in a literal sense. Hehe. 

"Your Dad's a little nutty!" 

No, not YOURS - although the old man might well be a bit batty in some cases, but I'm talking ME here. 

That was what MY dad said about me recently, hehe. 


Well, apparently like most of the libtards and Bozos out there advocating UNCONSTITUTIONAL Hiden Biden vaccine mandates, which completely ignoring that maybe, just maybe , if we had to mandate something, it should be something that actually WORKS - you know, like a  REAL fuckin vaccine - or mandate health and fitness and a proper diet - not that I would advocate mandating anything, but if you had to. 

Maybe my Dad could do what he keeps claiming I never do i.e. dont look at just what the man says and how he says it, but overall. 

Maybe he could look at the mess Hiden Biden has created on the border - and how he's emboldened dictatorships GLOBALLY. 

Maybe he could look at, you know, the mess Biden created in Afghanistan. 

All far more important than this vaccine crap people with nothing better to do are intent on trying to shove down people's throats. 

Anyway, apparently my little girl was at her grandparents, they were complaining (my grandparents) - or maybe my daughter was asking, I'm not quite sure which "why Americans - some - aren't getting vaccinated". 

According to Hiden Biden, that number is in the minority. 

According to me, no. . . 

According to me, it's all part of the idiotic scare campaign the media has going on to pull more into the sheeple mode of thinking. 

My Dad's answer apparently was "they're like your Dad, a little nutty". 

My little girl thought I'd be pissed upon hearing that. HEhe. 

Me? Pissed at that? 

"Honey, thats a compliment" I tweet-guffawed back at her (I use the word tweet for a reason, hehe, speaking in FORKED tongues here). 

But it's all true!

And it IS a compliment. 

First thing you know, and these were all things I told her, and keep telling her. 

Anytime you try to be different, or ARE different, do more than what the average Bozo does in a lifetime in a week or so - well, you'll be criticized. 

Anytime you're the sore thumb people will try and fix it. 

Or, the crab that tries to climb out of the bucket, or, the nail that sticks out - or a DOER, in short. 

Visionaries throughout the ages have been ridiculed for it, and my daughter from what she tells me faces the same thing in the parks etc when she goes out to play with other kids because she is different. 

Of course, for her, my wife and grandparents oddly enough "think it's OK". 

For yours truly, of course, I gotta be a Tom Tom (according to them). 

And if not, "Americans are like Rahul a bit nutty". 

I mean, Jesus Christ, I see that as a compliment again ... Haha. 

The numero uno country in the world got where it did by being a little nutty and different, I'd say! 

And I'd rather BE nutty or whatever these nuts call me and keep my freedom of choice - and my freedom of THOUGHT - and therefore, my results and actions. 

Tom Tom's my friend only criticize you because YOU have something inside of you they never had, and never ever will Have. 

Its as simple as that, especially when the criticism comes behind your back and when you did nothing to them anyway so if you were really "nothing and nobody" - no-one would be talking about you and gossipping anyway, yet they do ... Hehe. 

There it is, my friend. 

Contradictory, but very true. 

Bezos once said if you want to be an entrepreneur, you have to be willing to be misunderstood for long periods of time. 

And, being called a "bit nutty". Hehe. 


I'll honestly take that, Dad - And proudly mention to everyone I meet!

Anyway, enough on that front. 

Remember, nuts are the ones that always drive change - in any way , shape or form - globally. 

And this here nutcase tells you the nuttiest (so it seems) yet MOST results producing fitness system out there - revolutionary till this date - the 0 Excuses Fitness System

Get your nut - uh, I mean, thang, hehe - on NOW. 


Mik ... ah, I forgot. I'm Mike in China , I'm mike on another site, but here, I'm good ole Rahul Mookerjee. Hehe. 

PS - As for Hiden Biden's silly mandates, they're unconsitutional and won't pass muster in court, it's as SIMPLE as THAT. 

PS #2 - The other loony tidbit? 

"Mommy's got the vaccine". (but secretly). 

Now, my wife and Mom have a strange sort of thing goin gon i.e. "friends when convenient, enemies when not" so who knows. 

But last I asked my wife, she was very admantly NOT getting it. 

I dont know if she did some drama or what not about it - but if I were a betting man, I'd bet on her NOT having got it. Hehe. (and told my Mom "what she wanted to hear"). 

I suppose that is one way of handling it...

Then again, what do I know. 

I've been wrong before, but not most of the time!

This last PS never went out to the list. Perhaps it will soon!

Anyway if there is one good - so called good - thing covid19 has done, it's exposed pre-existing weakness and fissures on all fronts like never before. 

Relationships included. 

So in that regard, gotta say at least THAT is a good thing, ie. you might say all this drives wedges between people, but to me, if this didn't something else would, and might as well get it all over with as far as I see rather than prolong what isn't. 

I dont expect you, the reader to agree, or not, but thats my take on it.. .

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It's no secret that I think this whole mess we're ALL dealing that China unleashed on us (and their own unsuspecting citizens FIRST) is nothing more than "engineered mass panic". 

Hence why I keep railing against masks, idiotic vaccines that have not been tested (I mean really, why would you wanna be a guinea pig??), even moronic face shields, carrying bottles of disinfectant everywhere, Bozo Schofield like "injecting Dettol /  Lysol into ass" and then ending up in the emergency room (this last one really befuddles me - I mean Prez Trump said "X rays might kill the virus like it does the flu virus" and the Bozos misinterepreted what he said and thought, if that term is applicable that ...!)

Enough said. 

I mean, let's face it. China done spread this damn thing - now what are YOU going to do about it? 

As I keep saying, if you buy into all the above, and unfortunately the world as a whole continues to, then you're just buying into the CCP grand plan of world domination not directly (they ain't got a snowball's chance in hell that way, and they know it) .... done Hitler style, by sowing panic, chaos and FEAR everywhere (and of course the associated conditoning while putting their own people into concentration camps far worse than Hitler's willy nilly, at random almost). 

Here is what a great customer of mine - but I won't name him - he prefers to keep a low profile, and given Big Brother everywhere, I dont blame him - said about the plague from China. 

This Wu Flu thing is a HOAX and is being used to CONTROL us! (Yes, I realize that some have died from it if they had pre-existing conditions, but it is OVERBLOWN!) 

Spot on, bro, spot on ... 

My reply - 

I couldn't agree more, <name chopped> . . . this one whole China plague thing was created by China way back in 2013 - and there was ONE reason behind it - the Chinese plan for "world domination". They knew they could never beat us (the civilized world) the direct way - so they chose to begin the indirect way. As I've been saying for a long, long time now though, they have pretty much shot themselves in the foot with it. We will NEVER FORGET!

And yes, the panic is way overblown, lockdowns etc inane and meaningless (I mean, I for one can't understand why the sheeple cant see reality staring them in the faces i.e. lockdowns kill economies globally and therefore more people than this Wuhan Flu ever could - not to mention that although a lot of people have died from this yes (mostly with pre existing conditions though and even then 9 out of 10 recovered), WAY more people die from the regular flu, accidents etc globally)!

Then again, the Chinese knew this is the result it would have, and by buying into the panic (anywhere) people in general are unfortunately doing just what the Chinese wanted.

So it goes. 

Another awesome guy (and a very loyal customer from the UK) calls this the "Wu(han) plague". 

He spoke of how his wife got it, and how he told her he wouldn't, because his immune system, hardened from years of continous HARD TRAINING like A REAL MAN would "eat the damn thing for breakfast". 

And it did. 

He never got it, I believe or if he did (yeah, I think he did) - he made a very speedy recovery 

(I'm still not 100% on whether or not he got it - yeah, now I think he did! But he recovered like lightning, and a man of 60 plus - well - you get my drift!). 


And he's right. 

It's all about the mind, my friend. 

Dont get me wrong. 

By all means take precautions as you would against this and any other disease. 

But be logical, and remember that the flu kills far more than this stupid thing, and remember -car accidents - other diseases - I mean if you add it all up, where are we with regard to the numbers for the plague. 

I'm sure the idiots from the left and such will look at this and think "I'm disrespecting frontline health workers by saying this" or "this spreads way faster and in a more undetectable manner than the flu". 

To the first, no I aint. They're fighting the real battle!

And two, well, China engineered it that way. This thing was found or brought from Saudi Arabia in 2013, then to Canada, then when they got kicked out of the lab there back to the PRC in Wuhan and then, well. 

Their OWN DOCTORS have come out and said it as well, so for the idiots claiming "we haven't seen any proof" - get your head out your ass. 

And I (and others with SENSE) have been saying it even before their own people came out and said it. 

Pres Trump for one. 

And on that note, it's heartening to see the States push back against this silly vaccine passport nonsense i.e. providing services or allow people to travel or not based upon whether they got the jab. 

Eff - that. 

Let me repeat - F that. 

Ain't nobody telling me what to stick in my own body. 

Thank you very much

And Arkansas, Tx, and Missisippi I believe it was - correct me if I'm wrong here Charles and others - have pushed back very STRONGLY against the madness. 

some things even "Hiden Biden" cannot do, much as he'd like to. 

And I had to get that off my chest, so I have. 

I just got done with250 pushups

A great meal. 

And I feel great!

And thats how life should be lived. 

Vim, vigor and gusto and NO panic until you pass on, my friend - and even then!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - If there is ONE course in our entire arsenal I'd advise you to get its Animal Kingdom Workouts. Truly makes you join the ranks of the SUPERHUMANS!!

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