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It's been “one of those nighs”, and as I wake up (an hour ago, actually) FRESH AS A DAISY, and READY TO GO – RARING TO GO – I'll share some interesting parts of the dream with you.

First “yours truly” (or whatever yours truly symobilizes in a dream for that matter) showed up in front of some sort of a classroom, or perhaps a seminar – I dont know.

It was unexpected. Completely so !

And out of the blue, I take out a book. Might have one of mine, or might not have been. I dont know.

And I ... rip the little sucker in half and then calmly put the “two halves” on the table.

Minutes later, I repeat this with another THICK phonebook – about ten times as thick.

I remember thinking in the dream “boy I haven't done this before!”

And yet, as I think about this ... I “just do it”.


The first page tears, and then the rest do (and yes, there is an ART to this!) ... and as the two pieces are put back on the desk, I announce a 250 GBP prize for whatever reason to ANYONE that can do it.

And needless to say, no-one did and the dream shifted on to even more vivid “details” which I may or may not talk about on here.

Some things are best left unsaid – on this site, that is. And in these emails! ;-)

But anyway, the point of me bringing this up here?

First, you don't just need a strong grip to tear apart phone books in half.

In fact, you need a strong grip yes, but you need strong FINGERS, and a grip that is strong in the REVERSE direction as well.

And all the machines in the world and all the gyms will NOT give you that sort of grip my friend – unless you TRAIN it. Actively so.

Which of course, brings me to my second point.

You gotta train something if you want to get better at it.

Thats obvious, ain't it.

The more you do it, the more you get better at it. 

But here's the third point, which you might find strange as well, and in opposition to the second.

Is that your MIND actually controls way, way more of your muscle than you might think.

If you can tear apart a phonebook right now, chances are you can do so with a book 25% thicker – if you just “visualize” it first.

Your mind can indeed perform miracles!

I remember the tale I heard years ago about a little ole lady who didnt train, and her husband (I believe? Or maybe son...) somehow got pinned under a car bumper.

This lady was frail, old, and did NOT train.

And yet, as the incident occured, she didnt do much but rush to the spot, and ...

... lift the damned car off him!

True story, and I'lls ee if I can find th elink.

Your mind, my friend, is what drive syou to perform MIRACLES and hence my constant babble about the right form of mental conditioing in any endavor.

Anyway, back to the physical.

Think about how your fingers are positioned when you start to rip the damn book apart.

It's NOT the typical “gorilla like crushing” grip position yo udo on pull-ups, is it?


It's the basics, my friend.

Fingertip pushups, for one, done right will give you those sort of fingers, and a GRIP OF STEEL TO BOOT!

(Think Dan Hodge crushing apples with his bare hands at the age of 80 plus, and the fingertip pushup was a favorite in his reportiore).

Handstand pushups, another old favorite will train the forearms in that direction!

It's fingers – and the fact you need to train the wrists and fingers in every possible direction, not just one 

And don't get me wrong – the crushing grip is important as heck too. Pull-ups are as well.

But it's the COMBO that really gets the job done!

And it's a combo I've used repeatedly in ALL of my advanced courses, my friend.

And it's a combo that will get YOU into kick butt, ass kicking shape.

You might not be able to rip phonebooks apart like that. Heck, I can't!

(thats because I dont want to in terms of goals right now, hehe) 

But I do have a pretty strong grip, and believe me – as Rocky said – the grip is the last thing to go on a man!

And it's the FIRST Thing, along with NECK, traps and LEGS and core that tell you a lot about the state of a man's training – and it's something you can't hide in clothing.

Move over bench presses and the mamsy pamsies who focus soles on “building the pecs”.

So useless I can't even begin to say ...

Anyway, thats it from here. If you can figure out more than a few tips from this here jumble (not really, hehe) – well – you're my MAN!


Rahu lMookerjee

PS – Or woman, for that matter. Believe me, this stuff I do is NOT just for men – women can do it just as well, and Corrugated Core for one is PROOF of that fact. Don't believe me? Crack the book open, and you'll see my wife featured in some of those workouts!

PPS – And KIDS can workout right too – see Kiddie Fitness for more on that !

PPS #2 – Yes, I know. I've driven my family nuts with my caveman ways, and “please be silent” requests. And of course, the workouts! Hehe. But it's a good thing, actually.

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