Tuesday, 26 April 2022 09:48

Flowing isometrics, and more ...

Back in 2010 when I created this site, there was neither the amount of interest there is in isometrics NOW - nor did I ever know I'd be writing and selling ANYTHING beyond Fast and Furious Fitness (currently the Collector's Edition) - nor did I ever think of anything like that in my wildest dreams. 

I was just happy to make a $9.99 sale on the internet!

Much like Major General Michael, the "I could eat a couple of Lieutenants for lunch" friend I've so often referred to - when he first sold a copy of "Star Trek" online - he was just happy to have sold online!

Indeed, that was the price point at which I initially released Gorilla Grip, of course, it attracted price shoppers almost instantly - but I, to my credit, learned my lesson very quickly indeed (something I already knew, but had not practised). 

Today as I sit here with books being translated globally, in different languages, and my books on isometrics nigh popular like NO others - I just noticed something. 

In 2010, I created "tags" for this site, isometrics was one of them - despit eme not knowing or having much interest in the same back then!

Truly living in the flow I am - always am, and always will be. 

It isn't so much about writing vague numbers and "divine guidance" on forearms and touching the floor and saying thank you like my lovely (or not) significant other does - though I Suppose belief can be anything!

Indeed, chains, amulets and so forth. 

To me, it's been about the subconscious mind. 

Something I'd like to tell my wife, but probably won't - and somethign all the idiotic so called "here today gone tomorrow" guru shuru she follows will never tell her, that being the subconscious works in its own ways, it only works if you're patient enough to let it, if you REALLY want it (not "just want it" =- those that DO and know will KNOW what I mean here). 

Perhaps most importantly, it brings to frutition that which you want the MOST. 

No exceptions to this rule, most people dont get it, most self help gurus dont either, if they do, they dont tell you (so they can keep fleecing the sheep with stuff that doesnt work). (so they keep coming back for more). 


In the flow describes my isometric workouts perfectly. 

Now dont get me wrong, ALL The workouts in ALL my books are unique, and all flow together - i.e. the exercises go together, the combos are unique and they go togethter and benefit you that way too - but nothing encapsulates "flow" better than isometrics. 

I ain't even talking feeling. 

Though thats part of it, the LAST thing you want to do after hard workouts is jump back into another tomorrow or this evening, isometrics gets you in the flow there too!

I just did a mini isometric workout - to loosen up my stiff uppper body, exhausted legs and hamstrings, groin - and the calves. 

I flowed from one position to another - NO breaks. 

At the end of 5 minutes, not only did I feel like I got a workout in, but I Wanted to write this to you before my "ball buster" (no, not the Glyn Schofield sort) workouts. 

Or workout. 

THAT is really what if I had to put my finger on it - THAT is the benefit amongst all the other GREAT benefits in the book - that I'd like to bring to YOU - in my two books on isometrics, and I have. 

Feeling great, yes. 

FEeling on top of the world , yes. 

Attracting what you want, get rid of stomach issues, yada, nada, schnada, all explained on the sales pages for both. 

But most of all, it allows you to actively recover from those hard brutal workouts we all love so!

And that is what I wanted to talk to you about. 

back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - For those of you that have expressed interest in these books, there is a COMPILATION out there for you too!