Wednesday, 01 February 2012 02:49

Self image, and what this has to do with success

Getting the right results from your training program is often more of a mental "game" than anything else. Given you following the right program, doing the right exercises, and so forth - all that remains is for your brain to give you the green signal, and you'll be all set. I talk more about this in my book as well - in fact, it is so important that I actually dedicate an entire chapter to the mental aspect of things in Fast and Furious Fitness.

Yesterday, I wrote about how worrying about what others think, and "following the herd" can be a huge detriment to your success. But today,  let's talk about how YOU percieve yourself - how YOUR mind "sees" you, and what it "thinks" you can accomplish.

Your internal self image is more important than you'd think. Believe you can truly change yourself, and your life for the better, and you will naturally end up doing so. On the other hand, if, deep down inside of you, you don't think you can change, or have it in you to get the body you desire, then you will never be able to accomplish your goals in their entirety (no matter how hard you try on the "outside"). In other words, your self-image, or what YOU subconsciously think about yourself, and what you are capable of ultimately decides what kind of results you get.

I'll tell you something that might surprise you - there was once a time when I didn't believe I'd ever be able to sprint all out. I'm not a "natural" athelete, and running was never one of my favorite options. Mostly because I did it the wrong way - I'd try to do long distance running, which I hated, and which hurt me - but also because I just didn't LIKE it. Walking was fine, but running - that was always a huge no for me.

So how DID I finally start sprinting? Well, I always knew that sprinting was of great benefit. The old timers includes lots of running in their programs (boxers and other athletes do so even today), so I knew there must be something to it. And when I finally did start running, it wasn't pretty - I could barely jog at a decent pace - let alone sprint, and ended up  hurting myself so bad the first two times I could  barely walk (and thats another story for another time).

But, before I started my running program, I programmed myself to believe I could do it, though I had never done it before. I didn't wake up in the morning and ruminate on my injuries - or how I knew I could never be a good runner - or anything similar. Instead, I believed that soon enough, I would be running like the wind, no matter what. And guess what? Within a couple of weeks, I was doing my first sprint, and the rest just fell into place.

So, BELIEVE in yourself - this alone will take you a long way. If your not yet at a point where you can do 50 pushups in a row, don't just shy away from the challenge - BELIEVE that you can DO it, and then DO what is necessary to get there i.e. work up to it.

Note that this doesn't mean deluding yourself - for instance, if your not physically able to run, then it's folly to try and sprint without the correct preparations. If you are so overweight that you cannot do a single pull-up, it's best to first get your weight down, and then attempt the exercise. And so forth. Strike a balance between the two, and you'll achieve great success - both in life, and your training.

And that's that for today. More later!

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