Monday, 30 November 2020 09:49

Meditation “for a calm mind” – or TO calm the mind?

What I am going to say here might sound STUPENDOUS to say the least.

But bear with me, as it makes sense (like most of what I say does if you really READ what I am saying and UNDERSTAND).

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve seen meditation to be touted as some sort of magic “fix it all” for all problems.

I cannot tell you how many times people post on social media etc about NOT being able to do what the “gurus” advocate, that being meditate with NO thoughts and a calm mind.

And then in the same verse, they say “meditate to calm the mind”.

OK, so if it’s to calm the mind ,what if one doesnt have a calm mind already.

Do it, they say.

What about the thoughts (if you’re truly meditating, you should not be “thinking” consciously).

You’re not supposed to have any, they say.

But they dont tell you HOW.

And thats why I term the majority of these Babas and so called spirtualists as CHARLATANS.

Yours truly has been called a “Seer” by many.

Or, a “modern day Gandhi” (and I dont like Gandhi at ALL!).

But really, it’s true, because I go WITHIN and do what is SUPPOSED to be done.

Here is what Michelle, a FB friend posted the other day (I’m posting from memory, but this is the sum and substance of what she said, translated into English).

“Buy essential oils, I try meditate, but can’t calm mind, friend zone, any suggestion?”

What she meant was was trying to meditate, but she couldn’t due to the barrage of thoughts entering her head when she did so, and I’m not sure if the essential oils cured her “issue” either.

Most likely NOT.

But it’s simple, my friend.

Don’t force it 

Curiously enough, the best time to meditate is not when you have conscious goals or things that need to be done NOW and are stressing you out.

Get those things done.

And then meditate, as I’m about to after writing this to you.

Otherwise, and I’ve noticed this – you’ll have more of the thought sof “I need to do this” popping into your mind (because meditation done right FOCUSES the mind on what you REALLY WANT out of life – emphasis on “really” – not what you THINK you want).

Or what you “need”. NO.

And in either case you’ll notice that not only do you feel mentally refreshed, but you feel INVIGORATED and new ideas will pop into your mind seemingly out of nowhere.

And thats that for now. In the future, I’ll share a very special visualization secret that I recently discovered (and that I’ve shared on my coaching calls) which allows you to BANISH all thoughts from your mind as soon as they pop in.

Actually, I’ll share TWO things that I haven’t as of now.

For now, make sure to workout on a regular basis too.

Combine the two, and you can’t go wrong!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Now, I’ve often said that Hindu pushups and squats often put me into a meditative sort of trance, and the effects are beyond what “sitting meditation” can accomplish. Try it, and you’ll see (remember, focus on the breathing!).

PS #2 – and no, the goal isn’t to be Boddhidharam who reportedly meditated for 8 years at a stretch and stared at a wall, and had his eyelids cut off so he wouldn’t fall”asleep”. Whether or not he did that I know not, but for you, focus on PRACTICAL benefits the practice gives YOU. Not what the charlatans claim!