Tuesday, 19 January 2021 08:55

A “cowboy from Texas” or a good ole boy from Arkansas? YOU DECIDE, bro!

And I said “bro”, but if you wish, it can be “bruh too”. LOL.

Or bRAH.

Or, simply put, brother. Or, even “brugh”. LOL.

Nothing if not a “Big Tymers” fan I am. LOL again.

Anyway, Bozo Schofield sent me the following email (most of it was unintelligible but he seems to have strung together a couple of words I can actually, um, READ) …

(Doesnt look like it was written in Amex fueled coke binges either).

Anyway, here is what he said.

“They didn’t hire you because they didn’t like your face. You’re ugly yes, but thats not the reason. They didn’t want you because you’re “not really from Arkansas”.


Now, first off, I’ve searched the Internet net, my sites, my room, my house, my man cave, and even my underwear. LOL. But I ain’t found where I said, even once, that I’m from Arkansas.

I have never even been there!

(And jobs - I mean, really. Me applying for jobs? Thats a stretch even for bozos with their heads up their (non existent) women's asses) ... 

But the other thing.

A person “Richard” from the UK that I was chatting to a while back before I got off WeShat completely told me the following.

“If I didn’t know better, I’d say you’re a cowboy from Texas!”

(This based upon our audio conversations, chats etc. We havent met as yet).

And Tim another guy from the UK once termed me (in the third person) as a “good ole boy”.

He didn’t say from where though, hehe.

(Thats another reason peopel follow me. The good ole boy that wasn't, if you get my drift. Hehe. But really. Be "exceptional", my friends! If I can do it, and I ain't talking ole boys club here, I am talking FITNESS - so can YOU!)

Perhaps most pertinently, and this gesture really touched me my friend.

NOBODY has ever done this for me before!

I’ve spoken about how Marc the AFRICAN SILVERBACK GORILLA, and right-goddamnwell-fully so - - HELPED me in ways no-one would in 2018.

When I needed it.

It came wthout me asking!

And Vincent, that same year (my buddy from the Marines) gave me a Christmas sock (this was earlier on in the year I believe, I’m not sure). 

Small thing I know.

But no-one’s ever given me a X mas gift!

And it hit home.

We were drinking, and I didn’t “tear up”. Hehe. Real men aren’t supposed to!

(Nah. Not really. Real men do it all the time. Hehe).

But it touched me.

Along with that, he gave me a “Fedora hat”.

Cowboy hat, much like they wear in the South … Hehe.

On them RANCHES!

I love me a ranch. Hehe. I love me some TX ribs too, and some Southern gals as well!

(Yours truly unruly, unchained and LOTHARIO like has spoken about the last before, so I won’t get into it here).

But really, brah.

My STRAIGHT SHOOTIING style amongst other things is really what brings this comment out in people.

It’s not the way I speak. Not my accent. Not my tone. Not my language. Not my nationality. None of that!

It’ s about who I am - - at the CORE.

And I give it to you STRAIGHT.

If I like you, I tell you.

If youre a Bozo, I tell you that too.

There ain’t no in between’s here!

And thats how I like my customers too. And my gals. My friends. Everyone!

When I tell you that Shoulders like Boulders! IS – THE- again, THE course out there you need to get started on now to build upper body BRUTE STRENGTH lik enever before, I mean it.

Gym shym 12 – 15 pack whatnot.

Hell with all that.

Let’s see Jim Shim guys even GET into a handstand the way I do.

Do ‘em with pull-ups, and you’ll be buying new shirts and PANTS very soon.

First, because your shoulders will EXPLODE in no time.

Second, beacause thy lard will SHRINK.

(Bozo Schofield, your lard might not shrink, but your non existent wanker well might. I can see your eyes goggling right about now …).

And if you get on a program such as in Advanced Hill Training.


You’ll literally get into the best shape of your life almost within days, or so it will feel like.

Thats what I call SHOOTING FROM THE HIP.

Plain ole Jane courses that WORK (even for getting Jane in bed, hehe).

(and actually improve thy performance there too).

And that deliver results like NO OTHERS OUT THERE!

Jump on some now.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – The Bozo has been picking up copies of Pushup Central and has been returning them just as he buys them. Hence his Amazon ban, and the latest “Keith James” episode. LOL . And that in itself should give YOU a good reason to check out the course. Remember, the more they hate, the more you PROGRESS!

(but even without any hate, the course was doin just great. Ask Charles Mitchell for one!!).

PS #2 - Be on the outlook for the story of Schofield wanting to be "Josie's servant", lol. I've not outlined that pop corn cracking tale here, but I will soon! 

(Unless Bozo begs me not to, hehe). 

(Then again, that would turn him on. UGH! What a cartoon!)

PPS - Why do people buy my stuff and love it? Because, as Charles said, they cannot do what I Can - but are WINNERS in life that want to learn

(The Bozo will no doubt be gnashing his teeth at this too. So will his trolly friends. Glyn, dont you just love it when the shoe is on the other foot, and not going away ANYTIME soon, if at all?)