Monday, 18 January 2021 08:16

When yours truly “unscrupulous Lothario” watched “33” with the lovely “Madam” Ashley …

Mel (anie, hehe), you’re so nice. Really. You don’t even know it!

Actually, maybe you do. Vibes. Hehe.

But anyway, I was reading something on the news today about “two dozen gold miners” in china being trapped under a gold mine which collapsed somewhere up in Northern China – Shandong or something I believe.

I’ve never been there, but that part of the country is significantly different from the much richer and DEVELOPED Southern part of the country which I prefer.

I don’t mean the girls. LOL.

I mean LIVING there …

(as for girls, and preferences, ah. I don’t think you’ll want me to get into that here. Basically it boils down to … down to … down to … what do I like? I don’t know. ZERO I’d say given the wide variety and range of women I’ve been with. Hey. I like women. Those that are REAL women that is!).

Anyway, so this brought back memories of a certain Ashley, who I had the fortune, misfortune, good fortune (and yes, money too) or not (depending upon how one looks at it) of teaching English to.

No, my little reader.

I did NOT teach “ESL”.

She was a private student that paid me well that came to me after a month or so of a bozo job (actually, she showed up “mysteriously” just when I joined that job) …

Or was that “Joy”?

I think the latter. Hehe.

Anyway, Ashley and me watched a movie “33” once. 

Supposedly about some Mexican or Chilean, I can’t remember which miner being trapped underground in pretty much the same damn situation, and how they were rescued (hint – Stallone fans – and I’m one – no superhero “Daylight” like antics there!) …

And after the movie, she made the following comment.

“If this happen in China, government won’t care!”

I had to agree.

“You’re right”, I Said.

And they probably wouldn’t.

The news I’m reading says there are rescuers out there.

Though to what extent its fake news and to what extent the rescuers actually care, I don’t know. Given China’s abonimable track record (especially for its own people – they’re actually pretty good to us foreign devils provided we “toe” their line) I wouldn’t bet on a positive outcome, but who knows. They did seem to do a pretty good job during the earthquake in Sichuan a few years or so ago …

Point of me saying this and bringing it up is this.

I read the words “crawling through narrow shafts” there.

I read “health problems”.

I read “medicines urgently needed”.

And none of this would or should surprise either you or me given the circumstance, but it got me to thinking.

How long would the fat blobs out there masquerading as “men” last in that kind of situation?

Narrow shafts my rear end.

(Scofield pun NOT intended). 

More to thepoint, how much of a BURDEN would they be on their fellow “stuck in this situation” mates and the RESCUE team?

It’s hard enough to keep people alive in that situation.

Add on excess flabbage and all the associated health problems, and you’ve got a walking disaster on your hands.

So all Ican tell you is this, my friend, and a lot of my customers say it too because they are SMART.

End of the day, you gotta be PHYSICALLY prepared for ANYTHING – especially these days.

Much like with guns and gun ownership.

You may never need to fire that damn thing.

But if you DO need to, you’ll be glad it’s there.

Same thing for fitness. Pull-ups.

The ability to knock off handstand pushups

Believe me, these things have very real real world carry over effects …

And back to “guns” and Ashley.

 (Her husband was a kung fu champ apparently. Ah, the irony of it all...)

Reminds me of another movie scene in Get Carter – not the Stallone flick, but the original Michael Caine flick.

I liked both. (but Stallone looked like a bad ass in the film tho!)

But that scene in the 1976 or so classic where Caine is in bed with a woman, and two gun men show up to take him, and he jumps up butt naked with a RIFLE in hand …

“You might wanna put that away, Jack”, goes one of the gunners.

(Jack, like Clint, was “too quick on the draw”).

“He means that, of course”, laughed the other, pointing to the REAL gun.



And on that note, yours truly Lothario like unscruplous “alpha” DOG is out. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

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