Sunday, 17 January 2021 10:29

On focusing on SOLUTIONS to problems, and why there should not BE a problem in the first place!

After readin that last post, a lot of the righteous folks will be FLAMING, FUMING and RANTING. 

Big time. 

So be it. 

"There's always problems in life!" they'll say for one. 

True dat. 

But, NOT to the extent in India. And NOT certainly NOT for every damn little thing you DO in the country. The "great" country (it could be great, actually, which is the real PITY. It could be BETTER than China, but ... ugh). 

Anyway, then . 

"Focus on the solution! Not the problem!"

Sage my friend. 

But what if on certain things there should NOT be a problem in the first place? 

Why does India for one not have the system of "dumpters" and why does a person come to manually collect trash on a stinking push cart of all things in the year 2021? 

Plague shague and what not, some things don't change, 

WHY does the caste system persist? 

WHY does the system of having "maids" persist? Why not get off thy lazy DUFF and do it YOURSELF - like the REST OF THE WORLD DOES? 

Cheap labor? 

OK ... great. 

But then those maids don't do a good job either, so I've heard peopel complain! 

A lot of India's problems are of it's own making and should neve rexist. 

Did I make the Indians reading this furious as yet? 

"Go to china!" 

"We like it this way!" 

Great. I did. So did anyone that CAN and with half a brain (not necessaril yChina tho. There's other places to go!) ... we like it this way, now? 

Well, great. 

But that doesn't change the FACT that these problems shouldn't happen in the first place. 

Why is that MOST, if not all of even the richest mansions in India require water pumps "shumps" running an INSANE hours of the day to get water - i.e. why no WATER PRESSURE from the municipal bodies in the country that charge BIG BUCKS for it? 

Why is it that every time it rains in India, toilets overflow at the slightest HINT of rain? 

Roads flood galore? 

YEs, I know. 

The latter happens in CHina, and everywhere I've been. 

But NOT to the extent it does in INdia, and NOT with raw sewage floating about on the roads!

This isn't so much a rant as pointing out facts. 

IF the government would get its SHIT together - and the people that VOTED them into power would - VERY FEW of these problems would occur. 

Bottom line, my friend. 

Argue all you like, but it is TRUE. 

And fitness wise, same thing. 

Why do you have to LET YOURSELF get to beached whale status in the first place? 

Why do you have to GET to the point where doing one pushup is an impossibility? 

And so forth ... 

And most pertinently, now that you are, why not just focus on the solution (these same people that rant about focusing on solutions curiously enough are the lazy asses that turn the other cheek when it comes to FITNESS). 

And what yours truly espouses i.e get down to brass tacks andjust do it. 

Nike popularized that first, hehe. 

But my other site SECOND popularized it. 

And so it IS, so it SHALL BE. 

Just do it, bro. NOW!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - And please, please don't get back with lengthy rants of "this is how INdia is". I know. Thats why I hardly ever stay there unless "Forced to". And really my friend. Focus on NOT having problems which can be avoided, and the world might well be a BETTER place to live in for us ALL.