Tuesday, 12 January 2021 10:05

Charging BIG (huge) bucks for the LITTLE THINGS

It might sound like a pipe dream. Eh?

But thats precisely and funnily enough, or perhaps NOT what some of the Bozos and price shoppers have said about my books.

The first, or one of the first reviews I got for Gorilla Grip on the Amazon UK page has been hacked to bits already by yours truly so I wont go there.

Let me just say that he ended with “he seems to be giving out MINIMUM information for MAXIMUM gains”.

Well, first off, even if I was, so what?

Isn’t that SMART?

What if you think thats what I do (no I dont) - and if you think thats "worth it" (which it ain't, but you seem to think it is!) is stopping YOU from doing the SAME (other than pure LAZINESS - this to the person who wrote that, of course) 

Second, thats NOT what all serious customers, or any of them for that matter say about yours truly and his products.

Charless Mitchell once said the following -

“I am willing to spend more on your products because the workouts are hard and CHALLENGING – and you’re the real deal! I hate books that dont challenge me, and yours DO!”

Another customer from the UK asked for a bit of a discount, and yet, when he first “gets money for Christmas”, here is what he said.

“I can think of NOTHING better to do with it than spend it on your great books”.

He is right.

THEY are right.

And they do it, and did it!

But anyway, lets get back to it ...

I’ve been speaking about How Windblows has brought my entire computer to a freezing, screeching halt over the past couple of months.

No doubt something to do with them trying to pry money out of me. Hehe.

(Hence the upcomin move to Linux).

But, I finally seem to have got things to a point I can WORK. Actually WORK.

Without the damn thing hanging every damn second.

And point of this?

It took me MONTHS Of searching to figure out a temp solution that took all of TWO mouse clicks to implement.

My wife, from what I hear has been having similar issues (not sure, but I think so) with her computer.

And if I tell her as I have in the past how to solve it? 

Rather than any sort of praise, I’ll get this.

“Oh, you’re an IT guy! So you know!”

Or ...

“Oh, that was so simple! Just two minutes...”


What about the time taken to FIND the solution ?

What price the “IT guys who couldn’t solve the problem before?”

Not to mention I didnt learn much of anything other than about life in college ... and what I do now is so far apart from what I “studied” that it ain’t even funny.

But of course, try telling that to the sheeple.

I might not so much care about my wife telling me that.

I do, actually. Hehe.

But I care MORE about the IDIOTS that ask me, as a certain reader once did “why my ebooks are so expensive”.

I bet this same nimrod wouldn’t ask Bill Gates why Windows costs a bomb eh.

While NOT delivering value.

Or why GOOD things in life cost more money ...

It’s taken me YEARS to bring to life all this my friend.

It’s taken me YEARS of hard slog.

It’s taken me YEARS of hard work.

KNOWLEDGE and experience from being in the trenches, and if you or anyone thinks I should lower prices???


No way, Jose.


And thats really I gotta say about that.

It’s the little things in life that COUNT.

Small hinges DO swing big doors.

Ponder that for a while, my friend.

And then just do it!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – And no, contacting me nicely and explaining your situation and asking for a bit of a discount or what not ain’t what I BE ranting against. In fact, precious few people do just that ...