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Why blind faith is one of the STUPIDEST things ever

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I remember a conversation I had with my Dad when I was “ye small”, I believe. 

I believe maybe a little more, I dont know, maybe around 13.

And given the “problem child” tag they attached to me pretty much since birth, I couldn’t help but ask.

(On that note, I recently bought a RED sweatshirt which says the following “Trouble Maker” on it. Hehe. I love being one! The next one probably will be “Rabble Rouser”, hehe.

Hey, what can I say Dad. I know you didnt bargain for me, but thats what you GOT, hehe).

Anyway, I had to ask.

“Dad, since kids are such a massive burden, why have them anyway?”

(Which actually is NOT a stupid question in this day and age, but back in his day, things were different, and in that day and age, yes, having kids was something I’d still advocate to most people for many reasons.

Now? Now, it’s entirely an individual decision I’d say, and if you dont want any, don’t have ‘em is what I’d say! Especially given how things have become in ALL regards).

He laughed.

“Well, it all turns out well in the end”.


Did it?

I dont think so !

And while yours truly is a bit of an extreme case in that regard, I could point out plenty of “somewhat less extreme” cases where it did NOT turn out alright, especially in my own family.

And speaking of family, I believe other than my paternal grandmother and an Uncle that mysteriously “chose to go missing” are the two people I’m most directly “descended from”.

I spoke about living A frigging ALONE in the last email.

And my “first” paternal Uncle would probably understand that!

To an extent, so would the next . Hehe. He called me a caveman and a WOLF, and those were some of the best names I’ve been called, hehe. I love it!

(And it’s honest too, which I appreciate).

(At least he ASKED me about pushups. More than anyone else in my family ever did, hehe).

But anyway, point being, that FAITH is the elixir of all miracles as Napoleon Hill rightly said.

Without faith, NOTHING AT ALL will happen bro.

If you dont keep the faith, NOTHING will materialize.

But it’s REAL faith.

I spoke about blind faith in an email prior to this that people in general place in fancy degrees, jobs that “sound good” but are the exact opposite, doctors that don’t achieve any tangible results (other than substantially lightening your pocketbook every time you show up – and sometimes wrinkling their nose at you, as some have, hehe, at me. Apparently someone with a medical problem goes to a doc, and that same doc wrinkles his nose at you “becaus ehe can” and with Uncle Bob, “because she can” – and these are the people that the Bozos place their trust in. Truly sad that it’s come to this!).

And blind faith, bro, doesnt work.

Same thing for fitness, and especially fitness.

Just because everyone goes to the gym doesnt mean the gym will give you results, or you even NEED a bloody gym.

Just because the “sheeple” rant about “how your heart needs to be in the target zone for cardio” doesnt mean they’re right.

They’re NOT.

It’s usually the OPPOSITE of what most people DO normally is what is RIGHT – both in terms of life – and fitness.

Am I saying that “going against the grain” is alwayss the best idea?

Well ... YES.

In 99.99999999999% of the cases, it is.

But in that remaining 0.00001% cases, maybe not, but to be honest ... I haven’t seen a single case that qualifies int hat regard, hehe.

And thats what I gotta say for now. Have at, bro!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Be sure and get a quickie in today. I will – and I mean workout, a real workout, not Scofield Quickies, hehe.

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