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Waiting until the very LAST minute to get things done ...

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Is usually a recipe for disaster, and then some.

For most people, because following the GUT doesnt come naturally to most people (or if it does, the urge is SUPPRESSED).

Now, when you follow the gut it may seem like (to the Bozos out there) that “you do nothing”, or there is “no plan”.

Or things may seem random.

But when those results come, they COME!

With the speed of a black Mamba striking, hehe.

And thats how the Universe and it’s plans work, but back to what I’m saying above.

People have an annoying (and strange, to me) habit of PROCRASTINATION, and then raising all sorts of Cain about it.

Por ejempelo, my beloved and lovely wife.

She’ll wait until the last minute for ... say, when the groceries are about to run out.

When they do, it’s time to blame Rahul for not stocking up in advance, and of course, all the things he DID Stock up on in advance are nigh forgotten, hehe (things that are still LASTING).

Or, if she’s in the mood to do cleaning.

Which only ever happens when it hasn’t happened for ages and the work just PILES Up for ages.

I dont know why, but the concept of “doing things a little daily” (or bit by bit) is alien and uncomfortable for a lot of people ; the majority, actually, and no it ain’t just “my wife”.

Yeah, I know.

Yours is different, right?

The most hard working until she’s not, and so forth ...

Well, lets hope she is bro.

But the point isn’t so much her or my wife. Point is people do this with their FITNESS.

They wait until (as a certain Tracy once told me) “things get out of control”.

Of course, for her, every thing is out of control, hehe. She’s cool though! 

And gorgeous too, hehe.

But waiting until that belly EXPLODES out of your pants, or the man boobs really droop down is never a good idea my friend.

Do somethign NOW.

No, tomorrow never comes!

Get off thy DUFF and do something NOW, so you dont complain later.

Thats as simple as it gets my friend.

And with Christmas and everything going on, and people eating more than they should (and no, I’m not buying into the “majority of world is going hungry for Christmas” nonsense the leftist media is spreading either. True, the plague from China has wrecked things and plans royally, but still!), this needs tobe said ... now.

Get on the best fat burning program there is now, my friend.

You won’t have to worry about “later” if you do the thing NOW!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Along with the above program, make SURE to pick up the 0 Excuses Fitness System right HERE. (Right now, bro! No sense in delaying that decision ...) 

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