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Why yours truly makes a TERRIBLE (I repeat, TERRIBLE) “life partner”

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One of the Bozo (Schofield the one and only)’s rants was this (I believe he said this a sa comment on my pathbreaking book (ok, that one wasn’t pathbreaking, but the tips WERE and ARE!) “Fitness Pioneer”)).

A book where the picture has been called “handsome and wild” by many.

A book where the picture represents something far more important to yours truly.


Although it might not seem nigh apparent from the picture (but it will if you look carefully. That LOOK in the eye!)

Anyway, thats also why it pisses the Bozos off (not just their leader Schofield, many others too).

And out of a string of seemingly random, disjointed “lunatic central like” comments straight from “Hannibal Lecter” central, the jewel in his crown of lunacy was this.

“He cheats on his wife, so what can be do to his friends”

He should have applied the latte rpart of that comment to HIMSELF. Hehe. Enough said on that one. And if you’ve been on this list, you KNOW it’s true. Proof’s in the pudding.

But really, the first part speaks of jealousy and impotency.

Not everyone is an “alpha male wearing many faces”.

I get that. Most sensible folk do.

The Bozo doesnt ...

And many others don’t.

But so let me go on record stating one thing. My wife, and I dont care who it is – all women – the tag “marriages” changes them.

Even “committed relationship” is different from marriage.

Yes, even in these days of “drive through” marriages and divorces galore bro.

A switch goes off in their minds. Period!

All becomes as Mother Nature intended it to be, or SHOULD become, and with the convoluted line between feminism and Nazi feminism, we’re left with a mammoth and massive mess.

Not the sort of mess Scofield gets off to regularly, ugh.

But the mess that we call well, dysfunctional relationship.

IF there is ONE piece of advice I could give all men?

IT wouldn’t be as the “MGTOW” crowd says “stay away from women”.

True, you could do that and make gains if thats your thang, but let’s face it, most alpha males and men in general want some, so staying away does no good.

Trick’s two fold.

One, sexual transmutation like Napoleon Hill spoke about in Think and Grow Rich.

And two ...

Do everything – but don’t sign on the dotted line, hehe. 

Stay with her your whole life. But the minute the paper shows up ... watch out!

Yes, I know.

Yours is different ... until she is.

Let’s hope so bro.

And I wouldn’t necessarily try to twist your arm (mentally) to get you to believe me. Experience can sometimes be the best teacher and often IS.

But anyway, I dont make a good husband. I admit it.

Because I refuse to wear the “controlled by wife and mother” puppet tag.

Yours truly is a FREE bird.

Always HAS been.

What happens when you cage a bird up?

It withers up and dies - - before getting extremely moody.

Same for yours truly and his freedom, which is what that picture represents.

And anyway, I DO make a great partner of a certain type, hehe.

Well, two types.

One, you guess. LOL.

And two ?

EXERCISE partner.

I’ll push you during training you – and in all my books and courses, guess what I do.

I PUSH you.

I do not CODDLE you.

I PUSH you to lose weight. To get STRONG. REAL STRONG.

To be a bigger, better and healthier version of yourself in ALL Regards.

You’ll hate me while I do it.

You’ll probably hate me while I and for saying it.

But really, my friend.

You’ll LOVE the results.

And thats all I gotta say about THAT.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee


PS – Pick up the best damned fitness system right HERE - The 0 Excuses Fitness System

PS #2 – I’m a very “unstable” person. Thats reason #2. So say the bozos and everyone like ‘em, hehe.

PPS - And thats why I asked my wife to "live together: first. She wouldn't. And I figured, as usual, I'd go with gut .. and. HA! 

But really. All for a good cause, heh.LEsson - LEARNT!

PPS #1 - John was right when he said I'm a rare breed that believes in and has figured out HOW to live life on his terms ! But you can too my friend. SO CAN YOU! 

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