Sunday, 04 April 2021 09:52

Why Bozo won't get back to me is beyond me, really . . .

I mean , really. 

Normally he's up in arms sending me inane rants, comments etc about him being a "blow-innaire" or what not (the terms he comes up with, I've gotta really stop and wonder!) - but this time? 

When he's getting literally money tossed at him (dancing monkey style)? 

Which of course he believes is the epitome of professional jobs and what not, so I dont get it - Ada and I dont either. 

I believe this Ada also helped the Bozo would with 5000 bucks once - which for the life of Charles, me and several others couldn't figure out why - but that was the Bozo pulling the "sorry ole me" trick on her, I'm sure. Hey, even I fell for it initially and I ain't an easy man to fool. 

But I also only showed him what I wanted to in terms of the fitness and other businesses, hehe. That GUT is never ever wrong!

Anyway, Glyn, if you're reading this ... 

All we're trying to do is get you a job. 

We hope you'll straighten your life out, though truth be told, if Ada hadn't badgered me up and down I wouldn't be writing this or saying it as I have on WeShat etc (ask those in the know, and they'llt ell ya). 

We hope, but it might well be a vain hope! 

(Ada is the recruiter, for what its worth). 

Anyway ... 

If yall hear of the Bozo, let me know! 

But beyond that, the main reason I'm writing this is "getting back". 

LOTS OF you still have not gotten back with your review of Isometric and Flexibility Training - one of my most revolutionary courses as yet jam packed with info that has never been put together in the format I'm putting it in now. 

And lots of you have NOT gotten back with the Animal Kingdom Workouts review ... and many more! 

And, if you have questions in general - remember - Bozo or not - I'm always here - for YOU!

And that, my friend is that. 

Back soon


Rahul Mookerjee