Thursday, 22 April 2021 16:58

Why kiddie cellphone (dumbphone) addiction is a real thing and why it needs to be combated ASAP.

I'm pretty famous in my family for one thing - being extremely "lassiez fairrer" in terms of parenting (yes, I know, I got it wrong - Tai Po's as usual) (but as a certain kid recently asked me "Dad - didnt you ever LEARN anything at school" (with regard to "complete nouns" or "proper nouns" or "common nouns" - I've no idea what any of that means) - grammar and punctuation and apostrofees and other nonsense ain't really high on my bucket list of "to do things" unless I MAKE IT). . . and two, for not really "dictating to my daughter" what to do (unlike our own childhood growing up!). 

I'm pretty sure everyone can relate to "how it was before". and the polar opposite brattiness it's turned into now, and the China plague has made it worse with people being cooped up at home and kids being forced into unnatural routines etc (I'm sure China planned that too, of course!) and of course the blasted dumbphone. 

Anyway, the parade of copywriters on LinkedIn constantly jumping up and down about "good copy" and "good grammar" and other absolute rot in my opinion never fails to amaze me!

SALES is what counts, and sales - especially in many verticals has got NOTHING to do with tai-pos or the lack thereof. 

In other words, I've probably made a LOT more money than my lovely (not) English teacher at school who used to reprimand me for looking outside the window during class (when I DID show up that is) at the "ice cream seller" (non existent - I was day dreaming, or dreaming perhaps). 

Same thing in college .. 

As a great customer noted, and many others have - fitness books, and "how to books" in general ain't about Steven Spielberg presentation, hiring Sly Stallone's make up artist to touch up before the damn photos, and they certainly aint about typos. 

Though I WILL say, my books contain very few, but there may be some that slip through and no, I am not going to hire "copywriters" for it! 

No way!

It's insane, but I get asked for that all the time despite it being blatantly obvious to even the meanest intelligence that ... yours truly does his own copy, and does it better than most others out there, and is probbaly the most humble about it too. (hehe). 

But anyway, point of this isn't me- it's kids in general. 

And these unnatural routines being forced upon kids globally, and the school teachers etc running amok and not really doing their job worth a damn (though I dont blame them in terms of online classes - impossible those are, I should know!) ... guess what they turn to to "escape the reality". 


That addiction, my friend, is one of the most dangerous out there, and I'd put it right on par with drug abuse or severe alcohol addiction, or smoking ... 

Because for one, it destroys the brain - and imagination - and when that goes, everything, including your ability to communicate well, get alone with people, and THINK for yourself - be INDEPENDENT - everything goes straight out of the window. 

If you've got kids, this past year and THIS year has probably alerted you to the "brat hiding within" eh (when it comes to kids). 

And dumbphone addictions, it's becoming damn near impossible to tear them away from these blasted devices. 

From what I can tell, my daughter's no slouch in that area either. 

I can but marvel at the amount of screen time she gets in - and she ain't the only one by far. ALL the kids I'm seeing these days have become lazy, pot bellied, fat, and slovenly - in our time, we'd get punished in no time. 

Often brutally. (or what you'd think is brutal). 

Now, of course, it's the polar opposite and a crazy world indeed. 

But I gotta say, I mean even me ... I can't do the computer for more than two hours at a stretch, and I'm doing creative stuff. If it's inane vidoes etc, I draw the line at about half a second and I dont even start to be honest. 

I'd go BONKERS with that much dumbphone in my life, and kids are as well. 

You, my friend, gotta combat this. 

If your kid turns into "super brat" as soon as you tear him and her away from the phone - well, you gotta clamp down. 

And getting them to do physical activity is the BEST thing you can do for them, even if you're at home.(or they are). 

Which is pretty why there is so much demand for Kiddie Fitness for one, as well as the adult version in many ways - the Rolls Royce of Fitness. 

The family that works out together indeed does "stay" together in more ways than one. 

And other than that, make sure to limit dumbphone time etc for kids as far as possible. Their hippocampus (did I get it right?) for one will thank you! 

Oh my. 

Insanity everywhere, maybe thats exactly what China planned. 

Come to think that IS what they planned. 

And I've been saying it for ages. 


Anyway, thats the message. Take it or leave it, but it's true ... 


Rahul Mookerjee