Sunday, 02 May 2021 07:54

Why my bathroom is so racist and discriminates against me, and me alone. Me, me, me!


I was going to start this with a rant, but I caught myself. Trip down memory shane first.

In 2006, I believe it, was , but maybe 2007 - I can't quite remember (definitely pre 2008 tho) I was watching "Pride and Prejudice" in a movie theater in Hong Kong, killing time.

I had nothing else to do, and while there was tons of Filipina ladies for one winking at me, I got the feeling I'd be better of alone if you get my drift.

So I bought a ticket, went in.

(For reference, I was waiting for one of those year long visas in Hong Kong-- the one I had applied for was a special 1.5 year visa or some rot, so I had to wait longer).

But, travel agent (Indian dude) was one of the crankiest ever.

And he's one of the best travel agents ever, I wouldn't hesitate to recommened if I had to.

Anyway ...

I had to "go" about 20 minutes into the blasted movie. It was so boring I almost fell asleep, so I went.

As I entered, the restroom, spic and span, clean, something was "off".

WTF, I remember thinking.

But it didnt hit me.

I went in, did my thang, and still.

Something felt "odd".

Why were there no urinals, I remember thinking. Maybe they're on the other side ...

And then.

Light bulb.


And this lightbulb struck - when?

Well, a few minutes after I heard a couple of ladies in the bathroom!

I thought they were talking outside.

But then I Realized not!

(It was a massive bathroom for whatever reason).

Fock, I remember thinking.

I hurriedly pulled you know what up and left like my ass was on fire. That was one embarassing situation I did NOT want to be caught in!

Not quite "pants down" if you get my drift, but still!

And no, I wasn't drunk or anything. I had plenty the night before, but not that day. not a single one.

To this date, I can't remember why the sign wasn't "lit" and why the bathroom for men was way down ...

Anyway, there's plenty of great bathroom stories I could regale you with, including the infamous story which all of us guys are familiar with i.e falling asleep on the throne after having a few or more than a few cold ones.

Sometimes in campus dorms (happened once - almost - to yours truly .LOL).

But anyway - back to the present.

My current throne is acting up.

It won't flush right, and it wont fill.

For the lfie of me, I dont know why.

For the life of me, I dont understand why it makes a gurgling noise like there's nothing but air in them pipes ... (almost like a rock band so loud is the noise when the blasted thang fills).

I know.

It's RACIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It hates my dark skin!

Think I'm kidding?

Think again, bro.

BEcause that is the latest rant about racism - even the bathrooms are racist.

Check THIS out.

The very fact it was written in "The Ontarioan" should give you a clue as to how stupid it is.

My understanding of this is that for those with lighter pigmentation, the light is reflected and the automatic washroom will activate, but for those with darker pigmentation, the light gets absorbed rather than reflected and therefore does not activate the sensor as well.

I should clarify that I don’t always have this issue of things not working the way they should. There have been many instances where everything works perfectly, and I leave the washroom without a second thought. And there are times where I can’t get the tap to work, but the soap dispenser and dryer work fine. I imagine the possibility of calcium buildup on the faucet sensors makes it harder for the LED light to work properly, so the issues aren’t exclusive to me. But very often, I have an issue with something in these automatic washrooms.

Automation companies need to take diversity into consideration during the creation of their products. Using LED lights to reflect lighter pigment means that 17 million Canadians (visible minority population as recorded by the 2016 Census) may have issues with their products.

I don’t want to fight injustices every time I go to the washroom. All I want is to leave the washroom with my hands feeling clean.

So lovely.

I bow down to Miss Intelligent in supplication. Sometimes, you just gotta learn.


Anyway, I've written about sun drenched workouts before, and worry not.

I dont care if you're black, white, yellow, purple, man, woman, or something in between, you'll get "darker". Hehe.

And I coul dcare less about your gender.

So long as you do the thing, you'll turn into an animal - a BEAST - ... and a REAL MAN if you get my drift.

And even some of us make mistakes, as you've seen above. We all do. It's just some of us that TALK about it if I might say!


Anyway, HERE is the course you want in terms of "real man" - Animal Kingdom Workouts.

LOTS of you have postponing getting this one.

I ain't sure why - maybe you could tell me!

But go ahead and get it now - along with the book on isometrics, truly one of the greatest and best books I've ever written.

BAck soon!


Rahul Mookerjee