Wednesday, 10 February 2021 13:22


Picture the following, BRO. 

I mean, it could happen anywhere. 

The UK. USA. China. India. Anywhere! 

A man walks out of his house. 

On the way, people avoid him like "the plague" (because he isn't wearing a mask). 

Then he shows up at a store, where the cashier (a guy) doesnt much care and another dude next to him is maskless. 

There is a line or something at the store. You (well, the dude) is at the front. 

There's a mess at the store, and it's taking longer than usual to dispense "brew" if I might say so, hehe. 

A lady shows up! 

"I forgot to wear a mask I forgot to wear a mask", she wails. 

She jumps the queue - something yours truly is very vehmently against, and will always FIGHT for. 

It burns my ass up to see people jumping queues, and Im not shy to say Ive gotten into massive arguments over it before (and obviously won). 

This time? 

I'm just staring at her like she's NUTS. 

Plumb damned nuts. 

Me, or my friend, or dude, or what not. 

She keeps hollering. 

Puts a makeshift cloth on her nose. 

Finally I tell the storekeeper, laughing. 

"dude, just serve this nutjob first". 

I didnt say nutjob, but I was laughign so much she got pissed. 

"You should wear a mask", you know. 

She was within 2 feet of me. 

I couldn't help but laugh more. 

She moved away. 

got her stuff. 

And ran. 

Dude beside cashier guffawed. 

"If she is that worried, why the hell come out to the store anyway! Go home, get your mask and then come!" 

And  as people "scattered" all around me (except the sane ones) because of this mask rubbish, or anyone - believe me, a friend of mine had to get COVID tests taken for a simple cough or his employer would fire him - it's insane the panic - I gotta laugh. 

And did. 

And I'd do it anywhere in the world. 

My friend, THIS is what I gotta say. 

**** this panic. 

Let's start LIVING!

And if there is one message I can give you to as I prepare to tuck into a delightfully "goaty" hehe meal later on, I gotta say this. 

Stay safe - don't panic - and stay healthy - and remember - health - is indeed WEALTH! 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Those on the Rolls Royce of fitness knows the SHEER STUPIDITY of it all. I mean, China spread this, and look at what people are doing - themselves - spreading the panic further! Gotta give it to Xitler and co for "reading minds" globally, hehe. 

But really - folks. Precautions - NOT PANIC!! I'm weary of sayng this, but please - the more we panic (or the sheeple in general do) - the LESS likely one will EVER get back to any sort of normal!