Sunday, 09 May 2021 11:46

The latest loveliness I was accused by a lovely someone if you get my drift

Or beautiful someone, depending upon the person's perspective, hehe.

Bozo Schofield truly doesnt know how much he has in comon with ... LOL.

But anyway, this person was talking about something and we were referring to, how in China, the kids are taught how to clean their classrooms etc and they do it. Inded, I've never seen a sweeper in a Chinese school for one.

I'm sure they have 'em around.

But and this is important - it isn't making the kids labor so much as teaching them the value of staying clean, living by discpline and so forth, all things sadly lacking in many other countries/places/cultures (India appears to be ONE MAMMOTH example of that).

In Japan apparently they take a step further.

Apparently kids are taught how to cook, which to me seems a step too far.

I haven't seen that in Chinese schools., and neither have I seen kids taught how to clean toilets etc, but apparently Japan does this?

I wouldn't know.

The lovely you know who claimed they do, and claimed "watch a video if you dont believe me".

I responded with "I dont watch videos, so I'm asking!"

OF course, she never misses a chance to accuse, no matter how small. Remember, blame and shame, no matter how meaningless it might be.

(hence the upcoming book on Nazi feminists).

"You watch all the time, you just hide and watch!"


Why would I need to?

And videos?? Hell, even my customers know I don't watch 'em - and rarely if ever make 'em, and the only ones I've made, despite it being the video age . are the 5 STELLAR "worth their weight in gold" Videos (dumbphone friendly) for the 0 Excuses Fitness System - other than this, search up and down, and I'll be a SOB if you can find ONE single video I've made (other than snippets).

And here's more -

I never even watch my own videos (for the System), hehe.

What I DO watch?

I must admit I love watching Trump take reporters apart, not because I can't do it myself, and not because I have not been doing it since I was born pretty much.

It's because everything about Trump - right down to the way he walks, talks, gestures etc - is a MARKETING MASTERCLASS that even marketing genuises (like yours truly, and I'm DAMN good at marketing!)  would be stupid not to study.

Therefore I do.

If I showed those videos to her, or someone, the point would fly over her head.

Speakin gof which, the clouds truly thundered - thrice - as we were discussing all that.

Even the HEavens are in accordane with me, hehe.

But anyway, other than that?

I may watch "fine babes" doing videos occasionally for a five minute burst or so before I wonder just what the heck I'm wasting my time on ...

Or, I may do some research for the other site that way.

And then back to writing.

Last movie I watched was an utterly awful straight to "Prime" Bollywood movie.

Puff, buff, huff, puff ... that was the whole movie.

But again, what do I know hehe.

The powers that be do !

Anyway, I'm out.

Thought I'd keep you abreast, hehe.

Pun intended - and not!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - And I meant what I said about the price of the System this morning, so hurry before the price goes UP.

PS #2 - Oh, and I DID watch a video on the Illuminati which I shared on social meda. Other than that, your guess is good as mine, hehe.

PPS - I keep getting reminded of Henry Ford, and what he was asked in court about facts that meant nothing .... Hehe.

I wonder, if the "founts of knowledge" would actually use that knowledge?

Blasphemy, I know!