Sunday, 09 May 2021 16:56

On the rare occasion (and why) I watch videos (And from whom) and why I think "she made a video so she's an expert!" folks are idiots

This one will likely come across as somewhat offensive ... but hear me out.

(well, it may or it may not).

But judging by the increasing almost "nutter like" following that videos seem to get i.e. Joe Blow gets out of one day (or Jane Doe), decides to create a video weeping about something, or "teaching" something (that maybe they did twice of all i.e. the so called experts on Hindu pushups for example that claim you're supposed to do them dive bomber style which is utter BS - I mean, do 'em like that if you want, but they were never and are not meant to be done like that!), and all perfectly made up to a T at that, with the obligatory "sea" in the background and what not to make it look "relaxing" (after all, people have it tougggggggggggggggggghhhh!) ... manages to get a few likes, maybe a ton of followers down the road, and all of a sudden?

He - or she - is an EXPERT!

A "goooooo rooooooo " as the great Ben Settle loves to say. Hehe.

He's right.

And unfortunately? The sheeple generally follow the "goo-roos" ...

And I've always had the thinking of "ok, videos are great, but just because he or she has a video, or several, does that make the person worth following, listening to, or an expert?"

Anyway, in one of the last few emails. I wrote about the rare occasions on which I do watch Joo Tube, or videos, and WHO I watch (President Trump's interactions with the press are classic videos I love to watch, hehe, and those make up the majority of it - and I've told you WHY i.e. great marketing lessons for free even for someone like me thats been selling since I was born, on auto pilot, naturally, much like the Trumpinator ... a person you either love or hate, no in between, and so forth!) ...

But, in all these cases?

I RESEARCH the person first.

And I do that via either their writing - or what others have written about 'em!

And hell, even President Trump right now is doing his own version of a blog after getting kicked off Twitter etc as y'all may have noticed!

That little thing I keep talking about - multiple emals a day ... hehe ... Trump is NO stranger to this!

He simply did it differently via social media.

Anyway, I research the persons first.

I look at their track record.

I look at what they have WRITTEN.

I look at HOW they've written what they have - their pictures -how long they have been in BIZ - and the general vibe from the person.

I can usually tell right off the bat if the person is a poser or Tom Tom or "the real deal" as it were.

I'm pretty sure a lot of folks reading this can too ...

Its a vibe thing!

And dont get me wrong - once the boxes above are all ticked, videos - or not - are fine. Depending upon your preference.

But it's really the "1 million followers, Mommy!!" or inane "feel good" videos or "she offers so many freeeeeeeeeee tips" (which if you think about it are available via Google anyway) with nothing other than that that I'm a bit suspect of.

More than a bit.

I'm admittedly very biased against most videos i.e. if it cannot be SAID in writing, then I might as well not say it.

But there are many cases in which videos are good - especially if you're teaching new exercises etc where form is mega important.

(for example, and I've said this before - the 0 Excuses Fitness System).

Or, if you're showing things and tricks that you have to "see" to understand (such as perhaps taking a piece apart if you get my drift) ...

But in all these cases, I'm always the person that researches the person first, reads his or her books - or writing - and as a last resort, or only after all the boxes above are ticked do I watch videos.

As an aside, Pres Trump?

I was a huge fan of his - and guess why?

All from what he SAID - via WRITING!

His Tweets - or the news.

NEVER the videos - that just came in as of late for "entertainment" as it were (and to be honest, I wish he were Prez now, as he's got balls as opposed to Hiden).

And anyway, thats my take on it - again!

Let me know if you agree!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Biz owners, this email needs to be read in conjunction with the one where I said these idiotic platforms can deplatform you ANY Time, and then what? Precious few people think of this, but if it happened to Donald Trump, might coudl happen to anyone!

(and it is, with all the censorship going on on social media nowadays)