Thursday, 13 May 2021 06:54

My favorite business person after Henry Ford

Words, my friend - make a difference!

Tony Robbins keeps saying this in his online and other "classes" i.e. they have the power to penetrate the conscious.

He keeps repeating it too, for good reason, so the Bozos "get it".

I'd go a step further and say words and the pictures they create ... penetrate DEEP DOWN to the subconscious, and what Robbins is saying is step #1 yes.

But anyway, this isn't about the subconcsious.

What I said in terms of my play on words?

Well, I said business person. Not "man or woman or third or fourth or fifth gender"

Success, brah, can be had by ANYONE if they do the right things!

If they learn from people that have been there and done that.

And not all of us "had people to learn from" - a lot of us failed miserably multiple times, still do, figure out how to do things on the fly, make tough business and financial decisions, and ... well, it's all part of the curve.

Combine the above with persistence, and you'll have a select bunch of doers who make it - in any age, era or economy.

And my favorite business person by far?

Henry Ford.

We know that.

Bootstrapped, built from the ground up, in an era where government help etc was far less liberal than it is now, a man that was instrumental in making America and it's economy a FORCE On the planet to be reckoned with - a man universally admired - a man that until 43 or so was written off completely, and so forth ...

A man whose company influenced even the Wars (in terms of the cars they built both in the US and Germany!).

But after that, we have many choices.

Steve Jobs. Donald Trump. Elon Musk. And so forth.

All illuminaries in their own right!

But I'd choose the one man most people don't talk about.

And a company most idiots love to hate.

This morning, I heard my wife complain about it again.

Or someone was, at any rate ... Hehe. Amazon is one of those companies people love to bitch about.

I cannot for the life of me understand why - if there is ONE company I will do business with, and trust over all - it's Amazon - and it's because of Bezos's policy of putting the customer first - and innovating! Until what is new is no longer "considered new" ...

As Bezos himself said, when people yawn about "a new invention" that is when you know it's an useful one!!

And when it's made an impact.

Lots of people might be surprised I won't choose Trump here, but dont get me wrong - I love Trump! Great guy, warrior, and everything, but purely business?


By far!

He has NO peer in the modern day world.


Indeed, he's on par with Ford in many ways.

Lots of people aren't well accquainted with Bezos's struggles because he doesn't wax lyrical about 'em.

Man of few words.

Maybe in future dispatches I'll cover some ...

Its there, if you can find it!

But for now, he built a business up from scratch and is now richer than Croesus - and I respect that.

No fall backs, no excuses, no help, no aid, no nothing ...


Same thing with my fitness programs, my friend.

They require you to get down to brass tacks - and DO.

They're not for sissies, wusses, pansies, Mama's boys and so forth.

You'll need to put in the work.

Be dedicated.


Do things differntly. LEarn new ways of working out and even breathing on the fly.

And many other things.

All a parallel to what you'd do in terms of becoming a successful business person.

And that, my friend is that. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

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