Sunday, 14 February 2021 07:42

The keys to QUICK manifestation, and why it ain't near as hard as you think - IF you really want it.

On another site, I wrote a book about how to attract a specific type of woman to you. 

Not "you" on this list, but men that want "that type of woman". 

The specifics aren't important here except for this - most men fantasize about getting "that type of women" secretly but in real life manifest anything but that. The polar opposite if even that . . . 

And most men are WAY too scared to acknowledge the desire that led to them "wanting" that type of woman. 

I've just given you a massive secret right there that could change your life - for free. 

Anyway, I "tout" my OWN track record there in terms of "auto attracting WITHOUT thinking about it". 

Which is true.

More so than money even ... 

I literally attract that sort - even when I'm sleeping - NOT thinking about it in any way - either consciously or not. 

And I wrote a hugely successful book on it that most on this list do NOT know about. 

What does that have to do with YOU, you might ask. 

Well, it's a good question! 

The "speed" and "ease" of manifestation are things most people have had questions about, and these frustrate MOST people I've met (especially the nutjobs who think they know it all, and are too cheap in invest in products that will TEACH them how to). 

So, let me give you two examples - from the past two weeks. 

One was a committment I had on the 6th. 

I missed it due to reasons out of my control, although oddly enough, this commitment is normally taken care of BEFORE the month even starts. 

So I sent an email saying give me another couple of weeks (to be safe - since I'm a busy guy - but I'd probably get it done on the 8th or what not). 

Guess what. 

The other party gave me MORE time than what I asked for, which was much appreciated!

And without even trying I ended up "showing up" on the 8th and voila - despite not having the situation to do so BEFORE I gave that commitment. 

I didnt even visualize etc consciously, but it happened. 


I dont think so, bro. There ain't no such thing as coincidence, and the same damn thing has repeated itself in various ways, shapes and forms throughout my life. 

"When the student is ready, the teacher SHALL appear". 

Does that sound familiar to YOU? 

And on that note, I recently made a promise to myself to get a book I've been wanting to myself for a while - even though I "know" what the author is talking about, and I do it daily myself, just because "he's one of the greats and I want to get it anyway". 

Guess what. 

It's a rather pricey book. 

And I ended up gettign it last night - without? 

Without paying a CENT for it. 

No, I didnt ask him for it. 

I just GOT It - without paying a cent for it. 

Believe it or not, my friend, the Universe is just waiting to deliver miracles to you provided you set a goal and take action. 

No, for those of you looking to get fit, visualization alone will not get you there, but it's a massive component and indeed where you start. 

Often times, people overlook it, which is an even more massive mistake. 

I mean, Jesus. Would you not want to set off on that cross country journey with the TANK - FULL - rather than "running on fumes"? 

Making money - writing books - selling products or yourself - same damned thing bro. 

"God" won't come to your aid and do the thing for you. 

But the Universe WILL guide you intelligently - and whether or not you have faith - listen - and most importantly do the thing - is up to you! 

Anyway, enough on that. I've got another goal right now which I won't mention here, but I will once it's accomplished. Watch this space!

And fitness wise, get cracking NOW. I mean really, my friend, how long are you going to put it off for? 


Rahul Mookerjee

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