Thursday, 13 May 2021 08:40

Why a heavy handed response is required sometimes

Lets talk about this in a different manner, today, and bring up what Charles, the former friend oddly enough had to say about the Bozo Schofield saga in 2020.

Which to be honest I dont know why he got into in the first place knowing what Bozo did and my thoughts on it ...

But get into it he did anyway, which often makes me wonder until this day if he had some ulterior motives himself on it.

After all, for a person who once famously claimed to others "I was jealous of him making it in China" (which given he's a dancing monkey and claims to love the "job" is an utterly inane claim to be honest - why the hell would I be jealous of someone like that who himself said with respect to a business argument we had and his China tom tomming "I was always zero, and I'm zero now, so I didnt lose anything!" - which to me is the most loser like comment anyone could make) ...

(in short, he never made it anywhere, and never tried, so I dont know why I'd be jealous of him. I'm still  not, and still maintain he's a good persona overall).

But anyway, the Bozo.

Chuck once told me "you blocked him so I'm passing on the message".

Now, I've gone over how stupid this is before, so lets focus on the topic at hand.

My eventual and very "smackdown like response", which hasn't even started to be honest.

In 2016, I helped the Bozo and he turned around and brutally trolled me - badgered my business accquantinces who I trusted him enough then to introduce - did all he could to be a pest - pestered women - kept up on his paedophile rants - destroyed people's lives - and so forth.

With no provocation from me.

I did nothing. OK, whatever.

He continued, until he got thrown out of the Phillippines, probably put in a looney tune bin and according to Charles, didnt have a phone for a while.

In 2020, he reinstated his contact with a wimpy "I'm sorry".

He obviously wasn't. I said it.  I left it at that.

His attacks on me were so ferocious that for a while again - I did nothing.

I mean, why?

Unprovoked again, and his so called friend Charles did nothing to stop it. If anything, it seemed he was encouraging the Bozo, only bringing up HIS side of the story, which is inexplicable given what the Bozo did to HIM.

But anyway, I drew a line.

And in 2020, I attacked the Bozo back with greater severity than I ever have.

Paedophile like Bozo deserve NO mercy, apart from everything else he's done - and I'm only now starting to take names and kick ass in that regard.

He responded with?

He tried bringing my business down - he tried attacking my family - he tried doing ALL he could.

Every time he was in a bad mood, he'd attack me.

The true bully!

And then I counter attacked.

The sleeping giant woke up.

Therefore, the frenetic stream of "review" Bozo left on Amazon in 2020, which was revealed to me in a dream two nights ago.

You can tell from reading some of that he was at his wits end.

Then, he recovered.

Got even meaner.

Yours truly smacked down ever harder.

He's been not just called out, but made FAMOUS in many regards.

And as the two week hiatus continues, I have to wonder.

He's tried bringing the sites down, he's tried overwhelming internet defenses and such, and they've all failed, but I can promise you this - either online or otherwise, I WILL use force x 10000 to attack this fucker, because he's the ONE person on the planet that DESERVES IT. The only one I know!

Now, workout wise?

Same thing applies!

If you're faced with particularly stubborn fat around the waist, my friend, obliques or what not - you ATTACK x 10.

Advanced HIll Training!

Wanna really get those BARNSTORMING shoulders - then attack with workouts designed to OVERWHELM anything thrown at it in the other regard!

The compilation contains part ONE and TWO (progressionss, I should say) of the handstand pushup routines/books, I haven't put #3 in there because it's too advanced I feel.

I may down the road ...

If you REALLY want to work them lower abs?

Corrugated Core!

You hit that fat in SO MANY ways, and all so brutally that it has NO choice but to back down or else!

And that, my friend is how I live life, workout, and everything else, and in my view, so should you.

ATTACKx 1000000!

I'll be back!


Rahul Mookerjee