Sunday, 14 February 2021 09:08

A leader rises from the ASHES . . .

Was what my buddy from the MArines told me last year when the Dongguan Employment WeChat group was getting rowdy. 

Getting into politics etc which on a Chinese social media platform unless done right is a no no, and usually even then for obvious reasons. 

No, they dont so much care about Trump and all that - but the discussion eventually spills over, as most do, into other areas too if you get my drift. 

Nothing can be discussed in a vacum. 

Anyway, one line from me was all it took. 

"Thats enough". I said, while laying down the LAW. 

In a very polite manner I thought. 

Instantly, everyone hushed up. Back to normal. 

And my friend wrote the following. 

"A leader riseth from the ASHES". 

Much like the Phoenix, I thought ... 

Why do I bring this up now - well, because I was doing, I just realized what every great leader does himself. 

In the privacy of his own room. 

TALKING to himself (or herself). 

A Practice that Bozos globally deem as unimportant and useless, and something virtually anyone who is excellent at anything does regularly. 

What was I on about? 

Well, not so long ago, 0 Excuses Fitness was nascent, and taking off (and before that Rahul Mookerjee). 

The site ... 

Now, I've mentioned how in the past I didnt put all I had into this business. 

And I didnt! 

And not so long ago, I was doing GREAT not just in this biz, but a couple of other ones I started three or so years ago. 

I mean, the money was FLOWING. 

And ... guess what. 

Despite knowing what Claude Bristol said about never resting easy, I ignored it unconsciously (despite reading the book still!). 

Guess what happened. 

I FELL - and a business amongst those three is no more. 

True, the plague had something to do with that eventually which I cannot control. 

But, really. 

The message in all that was this - the same as given to Napoelon hill all those years ago.

"You've been a stubboron student! Learn that you will find happiness by helping others find it! You have had to be cured of your affliction through disappointment and temporary defeat" .... 

Mostly verbatim that. 

But, I was also grateful for having made the mistake. 

But really. 

The business - the fitness biz was going great without even me marketing a lot, or investing in it. 

Little did I know, my friend, that as Hill said, success has a keen sense of trickery, and it takes great delight in tripping up a person when he is just within reach. 

That obviously hasn't happened with the fitness biz, which continues to SOAR to heights hitherto unachieved, but thats only because I realized my mistake - picked myself up - was grateful to have made the mistake - and went on going - with the knowledge that "making a mistake is fine - repeating it is NOT". 

And of course, it gave me more on FAITH

And having FAITH. 

I've INVESTED more in this business in 2020 than any other year, I'll tell you that - and the resutls in a so called depression have been mindblowing, and continue to. 

As I move along to my NEXT Goal the Universe keeps telling me this. 

"OK, you seem to have learned your mistake". 

"You're on your way to that goal now, but will you REPEAT the mistake?" 

"Will you neglect the ONE Thing you truly LOVE and make money from, not so much because it's just love of money, but beause you love doing it - and are great at it?:" 

It hit me like a flash - again. 

I was given the chance. I was given the money. The everything! And yet ... 

Who knows where THIS Biz would be NOW if I hadn't made the mistake? 

Though the other businesses made me more, I wasn't enjoying it really like I do this one. 

Oddly enough, when I became a "fat cat" a while back, I neglected THIS business ... 

Other hand. 

Where would I be without the knowledge I got from the mistake? 

And more acknowledgement of the sage Napoleon Hill saying. 

"every disappointment, every defeat, every temporary setback carries within the SEED of an equivalent or greater benefit" (note he said "seed" - not "flower". But the SEED of success). 

Life, my friend, is a great teacher - if you LET IT. 

And that, my friend is the lesson for this one. See what you can get from it! 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - For more such life changing wisdom - truly - pick up Gumption Galore HERE!

PS #2 - Tell the world what you're going to do, but show it first. Therefore THAT goal shall be told to YOU later, hehe.