Thursday, 03 June 2021 16:01

So it's official! Pinked Out (Linked In) is pandering to China as well. PATHETIC!!!!!!

So, in response to the "I won't eat lunch with my students in China" post the idiots at Linked-In did what I've been thinking the're going to do for a long damn time.

And hey, it's a prime reason why you (if you are on social media, and it's your primary source of income) - need to build your OWN business model that is NOT dependent on social she-dia for one.

Or even any one source of income.

No matter how reliable you think it might be, that ONE source of income might dry up - then what?

No matter how many swoooooooooooooooooooning fans you have on Instagram by showing titties or what not, guess what happens when Insta bans you?

You go back to square zero if you dont have a fallback, and if you're main business isn't structured on a different model.

I've written TOMES on this in the past - recent past - TOMES. Do a search on the blogs, you'll find it!

If they can ban Trump they WILL ban you.

Freakbook censored my posts, and I never got back on there.

I've been saying for a while now LinkedIn - I'm gonna get off on ther eSOMEDAY.

They made the decision easier!

They basically logged me out after their last ruling "deeming" what I posted was blocked in China, and if that was all, I wouldnt care!

But then this -

Your account has been restricted
Why did this happen ?

We have placed a restriction on your account because we detected behavior that appears to violate our Terms of Service.

For more details on the kinds of behaviour that can result in restriction, refer to the "Do's and Don'ts" section of our User Agreement.
What to do if you believe this action was an error.

If you believe your account has been restricted in error, you can submit an appeal by first verifying your identity with us.

Once we verify your government-issued ID, we will review your account to see if it has been restricted in error. If you are eligible, a Customer Support representative will reach out to you to let you know if the account restriction has been lifted.

Even this BS wouldn't matter much.

But, take a look at the bolded last sentence.

ever heard of any social media wanting Goverment issue ID like passports etc for one??? To unblock your account?

I ain't never heard of it. Normally all they ask you to do is verify your email, phone number, and then reset password or something, and thats that, and thats all they need to do. They ain't got no biz with your personal ID!

Unless, of course, it's WeShat.

WeChat for what it's worth is famous for banning accounts and then requiring a "facial" scan to be done and an apology to be tendered in case you're deemed to have fallen foul of their rules (which is why after the new idiotic security law in Hong Kong, I stopped posting on Weshat altogether).

And LinkedIn, I've long said, and people have hemmed and hawed but didnt listen (much like they didnt about the plague from China, and how it spread, but they're listening - NOW!) ... has been quietly pandering to china for a while.


Ever wonder why Shitter and Freakbook and Shoogle are banned in China, but not Linked-In?

And as of late, they've gotten MORE aggressive about keeping the paid trolls on there, and booting people with a right wing bent of mind, or those that are freedom lovers or what not.

Basically, anything pro China, no matter how false or Tom Tomming is kosher.

And anything even remotely critical of the See Xi Pee?

They'll delete the posts.

Enough times, and theyll block your account - then terminate it.

Well, guess what - you fools at Linked-In.

I aint' interested in supplying you with government issued ID, so that you can supply it to your Chinese masters.

(they probably have it if they care to look, but I ain't gonna make their task easier).

And I sure ain't gonna stop saying it like it is either.

So, 10 k plus followers on Freakbook "in limbo".

7 k plus on Linked-In - gone unless they folow me here (lots do) or I decide to accquisce to Pinked-Out - it aint gonna happen.

Fuck their professional network. I'm getting sick and tired of this lefto pandering mania, and I'm sure you are too!

And in any case, if they banned Trump (well, FB, Youtube And Twitter did) - then I'm in hallowed company. Hehe.

Anyway ...... so much for the idiots that claim "I only do it for the money".

If I did, I'd be wagging my tail every time the social she-dia companies asked me to.

I dont.

I do the precise opposite.

No pandering.

And no easy workouts!

The best comment, or one of th ebest ones I ever got -

from a patriot, Charles Mitchell....

"Don't ever become a pussy trainer to make more money!"

Never will, bro. Never will. It's about PRINCIPLES AND STICKING TO THEM, and it's that simple!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - My grip is SORE, and thats the Gorilla Grip guy saying it! But yeah, check out the book now - you'll love it.

PPS - What else? Ah yes, Advanced Hill Training and Animal Kingdom Workouts - after all the emailing I've been doing on them - lots of people are on those workouts too now. If you haven't gotten on 'em - do so now. but be warned - BRUTAL!

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