Friday, 18 June 2021 07:25

Why the 0 Excuses Fitness Ship membership is SO WORTH IT!

This was renaming itself to "shop", almost! 

But that shop where I sold green tea and other items (physical items - a much "unnnoticed" part on the 0 Excuses Fitness site but it was THERE) - is deactivated - for now. 

If you guys still have an interest in buying green tea etc off this site, let me know and I'll set it up. 

But for now, I'm doing it through the following site - If you want to source anything physical from China or anywhere else - (Bozos and women not included, hehe) - then contact me via that site, and we'll see what we can do. 

In the future, the 0 Excuses Fitness products page will also have a link for physical products - Tshirts will be one. Sweatshirts too, as a lot of you have asked! 

It will also most likely include a link to my OTHER physical products - tea - coffee - cardammom - spices and so forth. 

All of which are doing roaring business right now despite the so called recession. 

Truly all about man's thinking!

Anyway, this isn't about any of that. 

It's about the much vaunted and superb 0 Excuses Fitness Ship - possibly and probably the very best in fitness memberships out there - bar none. 


Truly for the elite of elitest doers ... was that the other way around?

Well, you get my drift. 

And until now - what made this membership so worth it? 

Well, two things ... 

Unlimited access to ALL our products and courses for "one single fee" as it were - as long as your membership stays active, you get access to everything year around, 24/7/365 ... 

Second, more access to yours truly. 

And third, a form wherein YOU guys can talk to EACH OTHER - remember, it's one thing to seek advice from a teacher, but quite another to compare notes etc with fellow students, benchmark, mark your progress etc. 

So those were the three "main" benefits. 

But others that I had before - but have temporarily deactivated - well, for one, I had an area where you guys could uplaod your OWN documents (training manuals etc) - and keep them for your perusal. 

A "my account" section - although thats back now obviously. 

But in the future, actually going forward pretty soon, here are more compelling reasons you'll want to sign up for the membership - 

One, for now, physical books aren't included in the Ship membership - because of shipping etc. Although we offer free shipping globally as of now for paperbacks, it's just too tedious to work in a "one price meets all" thing for physical books. 

So Ship members - as of now, you're buying them at the regular rates. 

But in the future, I plan on offering even more special discounts etc for paperbacks off the site - often times as low as 30-40% which is a steal. 

Special coupon codes etc which won't be offered to "regular" members. 

Perhaps most importantly, VIDEOS!

That ole bugbear I so hate, hehe, yet do on occasion  - when it's warranted, such as the stellar and superb videos I did for the 0 Excuses Fitness System. 

By itself, any ONE Of those videos is worth the entire investment of $249.99 you make in the system - but you get five, and two superb books too. 

But I haven't done any other videos other than that, apart from a few brief snippets. 

But, that might change soon!

The more I look at Lumberjack Fitness for one, the more I think I'll be doing some videos for it - but as part of the Ship membership. 

The more I think of the pull-up books, I remember that I never did a workout video either on pull-ups - or Animal Kingdom Workouts. 

And all my great courses, actually. 

I might rectify that down the road - I likely will. 

And while these will likely be a purchase option for regular members too, remember - price. 

It makes far more sense to get it all for one price ... 

... and if you're part of the Ship, all of it will be freely accessible to you at any time. 

Download, redownload, do so as many times as you want - your choice!

Or burn them on CD's, hehe, and keep them with you (a couple of folks have already done that - I dont blame 'em!). 

So those are some very , very compelling reasons to sign up for the Ship now. 

And last, but not least remember. 

The no refunds policy holds very true. 

Again, no refunds for whatever reason. 

If you think you can sign up, then cry wolf about somethng after getting access to all the goodies, then cancel - nope. It ain't gonna happen. 

My payment processors have been informed of this in advance too. 

So bear in mind - once you sign up - for either a six month period or one year - once you're in, you're well and truly "in". 

And that, my friend is that. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - I've been getting so many people apeing me on Shitter, yet not getting the results they want. Look, fella, you can ape all you like but you cannot duplicate Mozart or "be me". Just like I can't "be you". That sage fact for whatever reason doesn't quite penetrate for most thinkign "if he does it, I will too!" 

Yes, you can. 

But not by apeing... 

It just makes you look like an ape if you do so. Hehe. 

Alright, enough for now. Back soon!

PS #2 - Freddie was right when he said "yo udont work cheap!" all those years ago. 


I dont. 

And nothing will be cheap on this or any of my sites. 

So price shoppers, I realize you are getting pissed at "why is everything so expensive" and "if it's him, it's a lot of money i'm going to have fork out!" ... 

And I can sort of understand where you're coming from. 

But the price remains what it is - if you're part of the elitest of the elite, or want to become one? 

Well, gotta pay the price first!